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It’s March and spring is just around the corner! This month we’re introducing a new seven-course sushi kaiseki dinner, our seasonal fresh fish represents the end of winter, and we explore traditional Edomae style sushi. You won’t want to miss out on our seasonal sake that pairs perfectly with our Broiled Black Cod! All this and more this March at Shiro’s.


Fresh Catch

Shirauo (Ice Fish) – This month’s seasonal fish is a small, translucent fish known as Ice Fish. Click here to learn more about how it’s served and find out why it signifies the end of winter and the warmer months ahead!

Shirauo (Ice Fish)

New Sushi Kaiseki Dinner

We’re excited to introduce the newest addition to our menu, a seven-course sushi kaiseki dinner! Created by Chef Kinomoto, this is an entirely new way to experience our menu with a variety of dishes including fresh sushi, sashimi, broiled dishes and more. Learn the details about this brand-new, intricate, and beautifully presented tasting menu here!

Shiro’s New Sushi Kaiseki Dinner

Seasonal Sake – Tengumai

Tengumai is produced by Shata Shuzo in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. This distinctive Junmai Daiginjo provides noble flavor with its 50% rice polishing ratio. It’s younger than traditional Junmai Daiginjo, which provides extra smoothness and a well-balanced touch of acidity. If you order our Black Cod or Geoduck Butter, then Tengumai is the perfect sake pairing!

Japanese Culture – What is Edomae ?

Sushi using fresh seafood caught near Tokyo Bay is called Edomae, meaning “caught in Edo (currently Tokyo) Bay.” But there’s more meaning behind Edomae than just the location of where the seafood is caught. Read more about traditional Edomae style sushi and how we implement the traditional techniques at Shiro’s!

Sushi in Edomae Style

Chef Profile – Aaron Pate

Chef Aaron is one of the long-time familiar faces at Shiro’s! He first trained as a sushi chef over 20 years ago, working in Hawaii, Tokyo and Seattle. Get to know Aaron and find out his favorite fish and beverage pairing!

Chef Aaron

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