Japanese Culture – What’s Edomae ?

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– Feb 29, 2020 –

Sushi made with fresh seafood caught near Tokyo Bay is called Edomae, which is what Shiro’s was founded on. Edo refers to modern day Tokyo Bay, but there’s more meaning behind Edomae than just geography.

Even though the bay was very close to the center of Edo, the transportation system back then (1603-1886) was nowhere near as sophisticated as it is today. Not only that, there were no refrigerators or freezers during that time. Therefore, any fish caught in the morning could not be served raw in the afternoon and sushi chefs struggled with how to serve sushi safely throughout the day.

Sushi chefs began marinating raw fish with salt, vinegar or soy sauce, simmering clams and sea eels, and blanching prawns. The introduction of these new techniques transformed into a new style of sushi that was no longer completely raw.

The new techniques the chefs used to create a longer shelf life for the fish is now known as Edomae style sushi. Today, many sushi chefs still follow the same methods simply because the sushi is so tasty! Shiro’s is one of the few restaurants in Seattle where you can experience true Edomae style sushi!