Fresh Catch – “Shirauo” (Ice Fish)

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– Feb 29, 2020 –

This month, ice fish, or shirauo, is being served. It’s a popular fish for Edomae sushi and one of the oldest fish served in the Edomae style. Because of its white and transparent body, shirauo is translated in Japanese to “ice fish.” It also signifies the end of winter because it’s one of the first fish to arrive in fish markets in early spring.

Shirauo can be caught in many areas in Japan, but popular harvesting areas are Aomori and Ibaraki. Although shirauo looks like an infant fish at only 2-3 inches long, it’s actually an adult fish. Shirauo sushi pieces are found in Gunkan Maki style sushi, but we serve it as traditional nigiri at Shiro’s. When you see shirauo on the menu you know that spring is just around the corner!