Shiro’s Sushi Kaiseki Course

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– Feb 29, 2020 –

Our new tasting menu is kaiseki style, a Japanese cuisine that is served in multiple, small plate courses and with care for beautiful plating and presentation. Our monthly sushi kaiseki style menu is five to eight courses consisting of an appetizer, soup, sashimi, and an entrée course with a bowl of rice. We combined our sushi menu with inspired dishes from Chef Kinomoto for the new Shiro’s Sushi Kaiseki Dinner!

This month, Chef Kinomoto has created seven delicious courses of sushi kaiseki beginning with a first course of sashimi in an ice bowl, which is sure to catch your attention and is perfect for Instagram photos! Next, you’ll experience a parade of fresh, seasonal sushi courses and unique culinary dishes from the kitchen. We’ll serve a limited number of the seven-course kaiseki dinner daily, so be sure to reserve your sushi kaiseki dinner when you make your dining room reservation. $95 per person.