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This August brings peak-season geoduck, fresh, light albacore tuna, and sparkling sake from one of Japan’s top breweries! Explore the centuries-old tradition of hanging ‘furin’ wind chimes in Japan to enjoy the clear sound of bells blowing in the wind on a hot day. Take a moment to read about our sushi chefs working hard to bring delicious sushi to your plate during these uncertain times.



New Dish at Shiro’s – Stone-Grilled Geoduck

Northwest geoduck is in peak-season and we’re serving it as thinly sliced sashimi alongside a heated plate of Himalayan rock salt for you to grill the geoduck right at your table! Read more about this unique, delectable new dish on the menu now.

Stone-Grilled Geoduck

Fresh Catch – Bin-Naga (Albacore Tuna)

Albacore tuna is the smallest of the tunas and swims close to Japan’s shores from spring to summer. It feasts on sardines, turning its red colored flesh a very light pink. Just like it’s light color, it offers a light flavor. Learn more about albacore tuna and find out why it’s such a popular fish!

Bin-Naga (Albacore Tuna)

Seasonal Sake – Dassai

Pairing perfectly with our new Stone-Grilled Geoduck, sparkling Dassai sake is fruity, light, buoyant, and soft. This unfiltered Junmai Daiginjo drinks like a gentle summer stream. Toast to summer with this sparkling sake all month long!


Japanese Traditions – Furin and Yukata

When you take a walk in Japan during summertime you will often hear bells ringing. These bells, or wind chimes, are called “Furin.” “Fu” means wind, and “rin” means bell. These bells have been popular in Japan for centuries because of their relaxing sound, signifying a cool breeze on a hot day.

When the sound of furin bells fill the streets, you also see lots of locals and tourists alike wearing traditional yukata, Japanese clothing made for summertime. Click here to learn more about these two summer traditions in Japan!

Meet our Chefs

Our talented sushi chefs work hard to bring you the best and most affordable Edomae sushi in Seattle. Read about our talented team on our website and say hello next time you join us for dinner!

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