Fresh Catch – Bin-Naga (Albacore Tuna)

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– August 01, 2020 –

Bin-naga (albacore tuna) is a type of tuna that is harvested around the world. Adult bin-naga reach 4-feet 7-inches and weigh about 130 pounds. It’s roughly the same size as skipjack, so it’s rather small for the tuna family.

Its pectoral fin is so long that some say it looks like the wing of a dragonfly. Therefore, bin-naga is called “dragonfly” in some parts of Japan.

The texture of bin-naga is lean like other tuna, but the color is light pink. However, bin-naga harvested in the north has a richer taste and is often served as bin-toro (fatty albacore tuna). As bin-naga is a popular fish for nigiri, it’s also widely used in fried dishes and as canned tuna.