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– August 01, 2020 –

Takeshi Kaneko is our Kitchen Head Chef. With over 25 years of experience, he helps make our kitchen run smoothly! His favorite sushi is kasugo (young sea bream) nigiri. When he’s not preparing fresh sushi at Shiro’s, he enjoys listening to music and exploring the different Seattle neighborhoods by foot. His favorite time to walk around is during the springtime.

Masaki Nishioka is one of our talented Sushi Chefs. Masaki has been a chef for 19 years and previously worked in London as a sushi chef. His favorite sushi is medium fatty tuna, especially when aged because of its rich umami flavor. At home he likes to cook pasta and lamb rack saikyo yaki. His favorite part of working at Shiro’s is making our wonderful guests happy. When he isn’t preparing sushi, he loves camping and enjoying the beautiful Seattle summers.

Please note that our chefs removed their masks very briefly to have their photo taken but are wearing masks in the restaurant at all times.