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While summer winds down, we are almost always spoiled in Seattle to have a beautiful fall season, notably, September! While traditional routines creep back into our lives, from the end of summer vacations to the start of school, work, and more, we are all challenged with defining new routines in 2020, and a way to embrace this month, and welcome fall with open arms!



Fish in Season – Ama-ebi (Sweet Shrimp)

Ama-ebi earns its name for its luscious meat with “Ama” of Ama-ebi translating to sweet. Hokkoku Aka-ebi (northern red shrimp) is the original name, which comes from the fact that it is particularly sweet when eaten raw. Learn more about these 10 cm delicacies that are now available year around!

Ama-ebi (Sweet Shrimp)

Sake For September – Suigei “Kouiku No.54”

This month we introduce a sake with its own code name, known for its true genuine sake taste, and its diversity that makes it remarkably food-friendly! Find out more about Suigei “Kouiku No.54” and taste it this month at Shiro’s!

Suigei “Kouiku No.54”

Japanese Culture – Choyo-no-Sekku and Tsukimi

Choyo-no-Sekku and Tsukimi are times every year that are recognized for ancient tradition, chrysanthemum festivals, moon watching and dumplings! Rooted in Japanese culture, they each hold their own sense of purpose, tradition, customs, and enjoyment! Read about the significance of both Choyo-no-Sekku and Tsukimi.



Meet Our Chef

Meet one of our sushi chefs that enjoys the classic pairing of sushi and beer. He is also set out to impress our guests with how distinctly delicious our sushi is! Meet Gustavo De La Cruz.

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