Fish In Season – Ama-ebi (Sweet Shrimp)

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– September 1, 2020 –

While enjoyed worldwide, Ama-ebi lives in the Northern Pacific at a depth of 650 to 1950 feet and can only be caught off the coast of Japan, Alaska and Canada. The northern prawn (Hon-Hokkoku Aka-ebi) is only caught in the North Atlantic, but is also distributed as sweet shrimp.

The harvest season for these 10 cm delicacies is January through March. During this time Ama-ebi move to a shallow depth of about 330 to 650 feet for spawning, also making it easier for harvesting. Freezing technology has developed so much that you can now enjoy Ama-ebi in sashimi and nigiri all year long, with the trademark sweet taste and fresh texture.