Sake For September – Suigei “Kouiku No.54”

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– September 1, 2020 –

Suigei “Kouiku No.54” is from Suigei Brewing, which brews the same Suigei that we often serve at Shiro’s. It is a junmai ginjo, using the sake rice called “Gin no Yume,” which is produced in the local Kochi prefecture. “Kouiku No. 54” was the code name for Gin no Yume when it was first being developed.

Compared to regular Suigei’s crispy taste, Kouiku No. 54 has a mellow texture and body, yet a refreshing aftertaste. Overall, if you’re looking for a true genuine sake taste, then Kouiku No.54 is it. Its aftertaste broadens the range for food pairings, and therefore, it is a good match for most of the dishes we serve at Shiro’s. Common with regular Suigei is a faint citrus scent and sourness. It is fun to drink alongside Suigei and compare to find out the differences and similarities for yourself!