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As we continue to traverse the new “normal” in our community, we still need to nourish ourselves, our families and our community, practice self-care, and celebrate the moments we can! This month one of those celebrations is Mother’s Day, with traditions in Japan, and a special menu at Shiro’s! We also discover how tuna became one of the most popular fish used in sushi, share a recipe from Chef Kinomoto, and offer a new sake to-go special! One of our proudest and most humbling moments this past month was donating healthy sushi lunches to frontline workers at EvergreenHealth Hospital. All this and more in May!


Mother’s Day Family-Style Sushi Platter

If your mom is a sushi lover, then she will appreciate our special Mother’s Day sushi menu! Chef Kinomoto has prepared a beautiful Family-Style Sushi Platter for Mother’s Day, including a variety of fresh nigiri and sushi rolls. Click HERE for the full menu and pre-order yours by this Saturday, May 9. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Family-Style Sushi Platter

Community Support

Shiro’s Donates to EvergreenHealth Hospital

During this uncertain time, our team has been looking for ways to help those working on the frontlines. We’re thankful to the heroes battling and making such a difference. Click HERE to read about our recent donation of healthy sushi lunches for the staff at EvergreenHealth Hospital!

Sushi lunches for EvergreenHealth Hospital

Japanese Culture

History of Maguro (Tuna)

Tuna is a very popular ingredient for sushi, but it wasn’t until the mid 20th century that it became widely used among sushi chefs. Visit our WEBSITE where we explore the history of tuna in Japan, and how it became one of the most famous fish used in sushi today!

$3mil. Tuna at the New Year’s Auction

Combos To-Go

Speaking of tuna, some of our most popular to-go combos include our two tuna options! Our classic Tuna Combo is sure to satisfy any sushi craving! This combo features four pieces of tuna nigiri, one piece of fatty tuna tartare mixed with chopped scallion, and six pieces of tuna sushi rolls with avocado.

Tuna Combo To-Go

Another tuna option on our to-go menu is our Albacore Tuna Combo. This combo includes five pieces of albacore tuna nigiri and a six-piece albacore tuna sushi roll, plus our signature tamago egg omelet. We’re open for takeout Wednesday-Monday (closed Tuesdays) 11am-8pm. View all of our to-go combos at and call us to place your order for lunch or dinner at (206) 443-9844.

Albacore Tuna Combo

Seasonal Sake

– Miyasaka (Junmai) from Nagano Prefecture –

Mother’s Day celebrations might be a little different this year, but it offers a special opportunity to create a new tradition! If mom hasn’t tried Japanese sake, this is a great time to gift her a bottle paired with her favorite sushi. READ all about our seasonal sake, available all month long!

Miyasaka (みやさか)

Mother’s Day in Japan

Mother’s Day has always been seen as a day filled with love and care for the maternal figures in our lives, and the Japanese are no different in this regard. Click HERE to learn more about how Mother’s Day is celebrated in Japan!

Mother’s Day (母の日)

Chef Kinomoto’s Ginger Pork Recipe

In need of a new dish to cook at home? Try Chef Kinomoto’s stir-fried ginger pork recipe, recently featured in Seattle Magazine! It’s quick and easy to prepare and a very popular dish in Japan, especially for lunch. This dish also helps improves one’s health and immune system. VIEW the recipe and full article here.

Chef Kinomoto’s Ginger Pork

Eater Seattle‘s Article

We’re thrilled to be included in Eater Seattle’s article featuring the best sushi for takeout and delivery in the city. We’ve all had to make adjustments during this time, and we’re humbled by all the support from our neighbors and community. Thank you for ordering our sushi combos to-go and supporting our future!

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