Sushi Bar Re-open!

Return to all

After two years of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are happy to officially announce that our Sushi Bar will re-open on Wednesday April 27! This newsletter lays out the changes to our Sushi Bar and includes our new reservation link!

As we continue to evolve how to best serve our guests, while making everyone feel comfortable, safe, and enjoying Shiro’s, we will bring a few changes to our Sushi Bar from what you may be used to. While we used to not take reservations for Sushi Bar seating, we will now take reservations for the re-opening of our Sushi Bar, with online booking beginning in the afternoon of Sunday, April 24!

On the menu side, we will proudly offer Shiro’s Omakase with 15 pieces of Nigiri Sushi and three small dishes. The Nigiri Sushi selections will all be Chef’s Choice and sourced from Japan and around the world for the best in season. It will continue to be prepared in Edomae-style, and our sushi chefs will serve them in Ikkandashi (served piece-by-piece).

The three dishes will consist of Sakizuke (starter), Mukouzuke (intermezzo) and Hachizakana (cooked fish in a small bowl or plate). Each dish is delicately presented in small plates and bowls, inspired by Kaiseki-style, but decidedly more casual.

To give you some idea of these dishes, for example, we will re-open the Sushi Bar serving firefly squid with mustard miso and white asparagus for Sakizuke, smoked cherry trout and smoked bonito for Mukouzuke, and young sweetfish tempura for Hachizakana. These dishes will change frequently based on sourcing.

The price for Shiro’s Omakase will be $120 per person. It will be the only menu offered at the Sushi Bar and will change daily. Please note that the full amount of the course will be charged if you do not show up without prior cancellation.

We have been spending a tremendous amount of time on the preparation of the Sushi Bar re-opening. We will be starting with a carefully thought out and modest number of seats available at the Sushi Bar at any one time. The limited seating may make reservations difficult, especially on weekends. We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your patience and understanding.

We hope this special newsletter relays our excitement of re-opening the Sushi Bar! Live ambiance and dynamic interactions with sushi chefs are what make the Sushi Bar experience so special. This has been long-awaited and we look forward to seeing you again soon at the Sushi Bar!