Chirashi Sushi Bowl To-Go

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Edomae chirashi generally consists of sashimi slices decorated on top of vinegared rice. Although Shiro’s was the first restaurant in Seattle to introduce Edomae-style (the ancient tradition of preserving fish for sushi), Chef Kinomoto recently adopted the popular Bara Chirashi (a mixture of raw and cooked ingredients) to make a delicious bowl of fresh seafood with a gorgeous presentation. Most ingredients are prepared in Edomae-style so that our tradition of Edomae is still alive and well in this bowl!

As you can see in the photo, our chirashi bowl is artistically decorated with colorful ingredients including salmon, tuna, albacore tuna, steamed prawns, freshwater eel, sea scallops, salmon roe and more, over sushi rice. The sushi rice is flavored with chopped ginger and ‘kanpyo’ (dried gourd shavings) to make our chirashi truly one-of-a-kind! View the to-go menu to place your order for lunch or dinner by calling 206.443.9844.