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Kids are back in school and daytime is getting shorter day by day. Our unprecedented heat this summer in Seattle is turning to lower temperatures with our wonderful fall weather, which seems even more welcoming this year than in the past.

Autumn Platter

At Shiro’s, we welcome the arrival of a new season with our Autumn Platter. While it is the start of harvest season on land, there are also many fish that are in season with the cooler temperatures, presenting flavors that make us miss this time of year! We hope that you enjoy the nod to these delicious, lesser-known fish on our new Autumn Platter!

For the Autumn Platter we are including Modori Gatsuo (Returning Skipjack). As introduced in the next section, Modori Gatsuo is fattier than Katsuo (Skipjack) in the spring, which is the time Katsuo is most  famous for. Due to the availability of Modori Gatsuo and limitations on delivery from Japan, the Autumn Platter is available Thursday through Sunday only.

Price: $150 plus tax.
Order 24 hours ahead.
Available for takeout only

Fish of the Month
Katsuo (Skipjack)

Katsuo is well known as a spring fish, when they are called Hatsu-Gatsuo, or “first skipjack.” However, Katsuo caught in late August through October is fattier and tastier, earning its name of Modori-Gatsuo, or “returning skipjack.”

Skipjack returns this time of year after going north from spring to summer. Now it turns back around and heads south from late summer to autumn. These returning fish are Modori-Gatsuo, whose fattiness contains twelve times more EPA & DHA, both famous Omega-3 fatty acids, than Hatsu-Gatsuo.

Since Modori-Gatsuo is fat, it gives us a variety of ways to serve it: Tataki, or marinated, is just as good as Hatsu-Gatsuo, but the sashimi taste is wonderfully rich like Otoro, or fatty tuna.

Wine at Shiro’s

The Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc we introduced last month became so popular at Shiro’s and then sold out quickly. We searched high and low and selected a new Sauvignon Blanc that is just as pleasing, pairs beautifully with sushi, and refreshes our small, yet focused wine list.

Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc is part of the Wagner Family of Wines out of Napa Valley, which includes the esteemed Caymus Vineyards, Bonanza and many others. 100% family-owned, Emmolo’s winemaker, Jenny Wagner, is the daughter of Chuck Wagner, who created Caymus in the early 1970s. With strong family ties, the name Emmolo heralds from her mother’s side of the family.

Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc is round yet refreshing with a touch of citrus. Presenting good balance in acidity and sweetness, it gives a craving for more than just one glass! Enjoy an excellent pairing with fatty fish such as Modori-Gatsuo (returning skipjack) or Otoro (fatty tuna).

What you see in Japan in September


Higan is a Buddhist event unique to Japan that honors and appreciates ancestors. Held for one week with the Autumn Equinox Day right in the middle, family members will visit the graves of their loved ones, clean the graves, and add flowers to memorialize their ancestors. In homes with a Buddhist altar, families will make Ohagi, a rice cake coated with Anko (sweetened red bean paste), and offer it to their ancestors.

If you have good intuition, you may wonder if the Spring Equinox is also meaningful in Japan. Your intuition would serve you well as families visit the graves on both Spring and Autumn Equinox Days, important holidays in Japan.

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