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September is a month all about transition, from the seasonal shift marked by the Autumn Equinox, to a return to school and work from summer vacation. The change of seasons also brings an abundance of seasonal fresh fish that we only get to experience this time of year.

Take a night off and come into Shiro’s with friends and family to usher in fall with these seasonal delicacies.


Fresh Catch

Modori Katsuo (Return Bonito) – This seasonal fish makes two appearances throughout the year, one at the beginning of spring, and one in the fall. What’s remarkable about this hefty, juicy fish is that its flavor changes depending on the season; in the spring they have a smooth, delicate taste, but it’s really in the fall when their true, bold flavor begins to emerge as they reach their full body weight. Modori Katsuo is delicious as sashimi or lightly grilled with a touch of ginger.

Modori Katsuo (Return Bonito)

Return Bonito

Shimaaji (Travally) – Shimaaji, literally translated as striped mackerel, isn’t actually a mackerel at all, but is more accurately Yellowtail Jack, considered a luxury in Japan. Only available in the summer and fall, this elegant little fish is a true delicacy amongst sushi lovers. With just one look you can gauge the freshness of this fish by the color of the yellow stripe: the brighter the stripe, the fresher the fish. This firm, white fish delivers a light, sweet flavor enjoyed as sashimi or sushi, but be sure to add a little soy sauce to complement each bite.

Shimaaji (Travally)

Shima-aji Image


Seasonal Sake

Tsugu Sake ImageTsugu Junmai Daiginjo – Tsugu Junmai Daiginjo is developed in the heart of Japan’s lush rice growing community, Niigata. The close proximity to the ocean and the large abundance of snowfall each year creates a rich, beautiful sake for all to enjoy. The brewery’s care and dedication to using a precise technique, developed by Asashi Shuzo, gives the sake a bold, rich flavor upon initial taste, turning to a surprisingly mild, gentle flavor, that lingers after each sip. This delicious dry sake is light and crisp and is the perfect pairing for the next time you enjoy omakase!



Tsukimi (Moon Viewing) – Tsukimi, or the Harvest Moon Festival, is a unique Japanese celebration, which dates back to 710 AD. It is believed that on this one fall night the moon shines brighter than it does all year. Originally celebrated in Japan with poetry readings and night boating, today the tradition is much quieter, celebrated by serving Tsuki dango, also known as small white rice dumplings, and decorating homes with autumn plants and flowers.

Tsukimi (Moon Viewing)

Tsukimi Image

Catering on Blakely Island – This past August, Shiro’s was invited to Blakely Island located in the beautiful San Juan Islands, to serve our sushi to a few fans of Shiro’s. We had a blast catering this event for the residents of Blakely Island (we even heard there was a waitlist!). We couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque waterfront setting to serve our freshly prepared sushi. Thank you to our wonderful hosts for giving us this unforgettable opportunity!

Catering on Blakely Island

Blakely Island Catering Image

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