New in October 2022

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We are ready for fall and all that the season has to offer! From special menus to seasonal fish, we happily welcome fall with full-flavored foods, cool-weather drinks, an array of sports and so much more.

We hope to see you at Shiro’s for some exciting happenings this month!

Seattle Restaurant Week

Mark your calendars for October 23 and our return to Seattle Restaurant Week!  We are preparing a special takeout menu for the two-week dining celebration, offering a $35 sushi box and a larger $65 sushi box. Details of each will be announced via Instagram and Facebook as the date approaches. We hope that you take this opportunity to enjoy our chef’s sushi takeout specials!

Price: $35 or $65, plus tax
Takeout only
Available daily, from October 23 – November 5

Fish in Season
SANMA (pacific saury)

SANMA is the fish which represents Autumn in Japan. SANMA written in Kanji is “秋刀魚” where “秋” means Autumn, “刀” means Katana or Japanese Sword, and “魚” means fish, since SANMA has a Katana-like shape. The features of SANMA are that its body is long and thin, and they have a jaw-like beak, reminiscent of a Katana. The life span of SANMA is about one to two years, and it grows to a total length of about 35cm in two years.

September to October is the best time to eat SANMA because it has a lot of fat and flavor during this time of year. The most popular way to eat SANMA is grilled with salt, but when in season and fresh, SANMA is also delicious as nigiri and sashimi. Enjoy this season’s SANMA nigiri and sashimi for a short time from our chefs!

Sake in September
Kaze no Mori ALPHA 3

Yucho-shuzo Sake Brewing Company, Nara Japan

Yucho brewery, founded in 1719, is located in the Southern part of Nara, Japan, specifically Katsuragi, which is said to be the birthplace of Japan’s paddy rice cultivation. It is also where the “Kaze no Mori” series was created in 1998 as a Brewers Challenge to showcase how delicious sake could be when created from the local rice, Akitsuho.

While Yucho brewery specializes in unfiltered, unpasteurized sake, our featured sake, Kaze no Mori Alpha Type3, is the only pasteurized sake in the Kaze no Mori series. Despite being a pasteurized sake, Kaze no Mori Alpha Type3 is characterized by its fresh taste, similar to that of freshly brewed, unpasteurized sake. The naturel carbon dioxide gas that is produced during the sake brewing process is dissolved in the sake, giving it a gaseous and fruity muscat-like flavor in the mouth. It is a taste that can only come from a brewery that has been pursuing the freshness of raw sake by focusing on “unfiltered, unpasteurized sake” for hundreds of years.

Japan in October
Sports Day – October 10

Sports Day is a national holiday in Japan that started in commemoration of the Tokyo Olympics’ opening ceremony that took place October 10, 1964. This holiday brings wishes for good health while enjoying sports.

In Japan, the fall season, especially October, is the best season for sports because it is free from summer heat and has less rain than other times of year. Most Japanese schools have Sports Day each fall and is one of the biggest school events of the season as students compete in individual and team sports. Sports Day is a family affair, with the families of students attending the events to lend their support, while enjoying Bento Box lunch as well.

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