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Fall is officially here, and with it brings a beautiful bounty of seasonal fresh fish that we only get the luxury of experiencing this time of year. As the days grow a little cooler and a little shorter, we invite everyone to come in and experience the fresh flavors of autumn here at Shiro’s.

Fresh Catch

Akamutsu (Rosy Seabass) – Akamutsu, or Rosy Seabass, is also known by “black throat” for the intense black color that appears deep in their throats. Don’t be fooled by the look of these small fish, they pack a big burst of fatty, oily, richness. At Shiro’s, we lightly torch the skin to bring out the fish’s slightly smoky flavor.

Akamutsu (Rosy Seabass)

Akamutsu Image

Saba (Mackerel) – Rich in omega-3’s, fatty acids, and other health benefits, Mackerel should be on everyone’s plate! One of the most popular fish in Japan, it is often cured with salt and vinegar to accentuate the delicate flavors, a technique that’s used to showcase a sushi chef’s range of skills. We’re enjoying saba as sashimi or sushi, with ginger and soy sauce.

Saba (Mackerel)

Saba Image


Seasonal Sake

Ryusei Sake ImageRyusei Junmai Daiginjo Black Label – The dazzling Junmai Daiginjo sake comes to us directly from the Chugoku region of Japan. It features an array of elegant, rich citrus notes that will delight all of your senses, while its crisp, smooth flavor is the perfect pairing to any number of our fall delicacies.


October in Japan

Red Feather Cummunity Chest Drive (Akai-Hane Kyodo Bokin) – The Red Feather Community Chest Drive, or Akai Hane Kyodo Bokin, is a massive charitable event in Japan that runs from October through December. This impactful organization has been going strong since 1947 and every year individuals can donate their spare change, dollars or even checks to the signature red boxes. All of the money raised goes back into the community and to expanding national welfare, elderly and educational programs throughout Japan.

Red Feather Community Chest Drive

Red Feather Campaign

School Sports Festival (Undo-kai or Taiiku-sai) – Remember field days? In Japan, they not only get two, but they have them every year, from kindergarten to high school. School Sports Festivals are huge events where friends and family are encouraged to volunteer, indulge in a picnic lunch, and cheer on their children as they participate in numerous sporting events.

School Sports Festival (Undo-kai or Taiiku-sai)

Sports Festival

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