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The month of November is full of celebration and gratitude! We are so thankful for many of our abundances including a delicious bounty of fresh fish, our loyal guests, and our dedicated, hard-working team. We’re kicking off the month at Shiro’s with crisp, seasonal sake, our signature Shiro’s black cod and the upcoming arrival of bluefin tuna straight from Japan. Keep reading to learn more!


Fresh Catch

Kan-Buri (Cold Season Yellowtail) – Just as sanma means autumn to the Japanese, buri signifies winter. Kan-Buri or cold season Yellowtail, reaches its highest fat content and very best flavor in the colder months.

Kan-Buri has been a favorite as sushi since the Edo period. In the late-fall and winter months, it’s regarded as the fattiest and most flavorful white fish. When caught and eaten in the fall and winter the fish is firm, oily and flavorful. It’s often served with ponzu as the oil of the fish can repel the soy sauce.

Kan-Buri (Cold Season Yellowtail) Kanburi Image

Frequent Fish

Gin-Dara (Black Cod) – If you’ve never tried our broiled-to-perfection black cod, this is a dish worth trying! We marinate it in Shiro’s original recipe (featured in The New York Times!) which creates a truly unique and unforgettable dish.

For the black cod species, life begins in cold water when they spawn in the late-fall and winter months. Black cod grow quickly and can live up to 90 years. For most of their adult lives, black cod dwell near the bottom of the ocean filling up on nutrient dense sea creatures such as herring, jellyfish, and squid that translates to a delicious fish with succulent, rich flavor and a velvety texture.

Its taste and depth are best when carefully aged for a few days to allow the naturally occurring enzymes to break down the fish’s proteins and fats into amino acids, producing its signature and delicious flavor.

Gin-Dara (Black Cod) Black Cod Image

Japanese Bluefin Tuna at Shiro’s

Mark your calendars! On November 9, we will be serving delicious bluefin tuna from Japan at Shiro’s. Prepared by our trained chefs, our tuna has tender flesh and an exceptionally fresh umami flavor. We will be serving this rare delicacy as sashimi and nigiri until it runs out. Join us for dinner for a truly authentic Japanese tuna experience! Get updates on the bluefin tuna on our Facebook page.

Bluefin Tuna (Hon-Maguro) Maguro Image

Seasonal Sake

Name: Makiri (魔斬)
Location: Yamagata, Japan

Enjoyed by sake connoisseurs new and old, Makiri is brewed using the traditional “kimoto” method that gives the sake its signature dryness. Makiri has notes of dried papaya, mango, and leafy earth. The taste is clean and crisp with a rich flavor that can be served either hot or cold and is delicious when paired with any sushi or sashimi. Try this seasonal sake for yourself this November at Shiro’s!


Famous Japanese Tsukiji Fish Market Moves to Toyosu area

On September 15, 2018, a group of tourists lined up early in the morning to be the last 120 people to witness the final tuna auction of the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan.

Originally opening in 1935, the Tsukiji Fish Market in its over 80 years of operation has housed more than 900 vendors who have sold over 3,100 tons of fruit, veggies, and fish, and in the process made the market a regular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The historic market is moving to a new $5.3 billion facility about 1.4 miles away in the Toyosu area. The reason for the move is the local governments concern about the long-term stability and safety of the Tsukiji location due to years of rust and structural decay. There is also a need for space for a bus terminal for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games.

Shiro’s has a long history of buying from this historic market to truly give our guests an authentic sushi experience. Like many of the locals, we are sad to see the historic market close, but are excited about continuing to buy our fish from authentic Japanese vendors in the new Toyosu market!

Tsukiji Fish Market

Chef’s Tips

Shusse-Uo Shusse Uo Image

Each month our chefs bring us interesting and educational tips of the centuries-old customs related to sushi. We feature these favorite tips each month to help keep your sushi knowledge sharp!

This month we are learning about Shusse-Uo. In Japan, some fish are called a different name depending on their stage of development. These fish are called “Shusse-Uo” or “successive fish”.

The Buri is the best-known fish of Shusse-Uo. When the yellowtail is a juvenile it’s called Wakashi, a very young yellowtail is Inada, a teenager yellowtail is Warasa, and at maturity it’s called Buri.

This may seem confusing, but it makes sense as the flavor and fat content change as the fish ages. Shusse-Uo are considered to be very lucky since they advance in life and are often served on festive occasions, such as during New Year festivities.


October Events


Thanksgiving Hours at Shiro’s

A friendly reminder that Shiro’s will be closed on November 22 in honor of Thanksgiving Day. We will re-open for dinner at 5:30pm on Friday, November 23. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Shiro’s!

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