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We are finally through the coldest Seattle April in years! As we welcome in a sunnier and warmer May, we also celebrate the reopening of our Sushi Bar! Our Spring Platter boasts seasonal fish for Mother’s Day and beyond, as we move back to evening hours only for takeout, delivery and dine-in.

We welcome you back to an exciting time at Shiro’s Sushi – evolving, hopeful and eager to serve you again!

The Sushi Bar is now open!

The Sushi Bar is now open again! We are offering one menu at the Sushi Bar – Shiro’s Omakase ($120) – consisting of 15 pieces of chef’s choice Nigiri Sushi and 3 refined dishes. Please make a reservation and view our new policies for the Sushi Bar.

Spring Platter

Enjoy the finale of spring with our Spring Sushi Platter. It also makes a great dinner for Mother’s Day, May 8! Favored Hotaru-Ika (firefly squid) joins other spring fish on the much-loved platter:

Eight Kinds of Fish (4 pieces each)
Two Types of Sushi Rolls
Price: $150 plus tax
Order by phone at least 24-hours in advance
Takeout only

* Takeout is now available for pickup from 5pm to 9pm only.

Fish in Season
Isaki (grunt fish)

Isaki (grunt fish) season begins when Hatsugatsuo (the first fresh Bonito in spring) reaches its peak. As Isaki approaches the spawning season of summer, it will be even fattier and tastier, with a distinguishable red band under its skin and clear white meat. Although it is a white fish, Isaki that is in season has an apparent texture, but still soft and fatty, like Madai (sea bream).

At Shiro’s, we use Isaki harvested in Nagasaki which records the highest landing volume of Isaki in Japan. As the warm and strong Tsushima Current flows through the islands of Nagasaki, the flavor and texture of Isaki from Nagasaki is even more emphasized.

Sake in May
Taiheizan Tenko 40 Junmai Daiginjo, Namazake

Kodama Brewery, Akita, Japan

Tenko is Kodama Brewery’s premium line of its well-known Taiheizan brand. Highly accorded Tenko is brewed with Kodama Brewery’s 110 years of accumulated brewing technology.

Using Yamada Nishiki, which is known as the best rice for making sake, with a polishing ratio of 40%, Tenko sparks a refreshing fruity aroma with the nose of apple and melon. Namazake does not use heat during the brewing process, which brings a body and richness to Tenko that is well-balanced with its refreshing touch. This incredible balance is most enjoyed when chilled, and pairs well with sashimi, especially white fish.

Japan in May
Golden Week

If you go to Japan between the end of April and the beginning of May, you will hear a funny-sounding term: “Golden Week.” What is “Golden Week”?

Golden Week is a sequence of national holidays starting April 29 and running to May 5. It consists of four national holidays in one week.

April 29 Showa Day (Celebrating Showa period)
May 3 Constitution Memorial Day
May 4 Green Day
May 5 Children’s Day

Traditionally, it is difficult to take vacation for a week or longer in Japan. As national holidays, work and school are off during the above days. Since April 29 is a Friday this year, you could take off the full seven days of Golden Week if you also take off Monday, May 2. Or, shoot for the full 10 days off by also taking off May 6.

Essentially, while each holiday holds great cultural significance, you can have many days off to celebrate with family and friends, a time that is as precious as gold for many Japanese.

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