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Mother’s Day Weekend Platters

For the second year in a row, we are offering something special for Mother’s Day. Colorful, festive, and of course, tasty sushi and appetizers just perfect for all of the special moms out there, in a more Edomae style than before!

Enjoy two platters, one with our selected tuna 3 ways, salmon, sea urchin, and much more. The other our Kitchen platter from Chef Masaki, who has designed a beautiful combination of meat and vegetables, with a “flowering bouquet” that is beautiful to see, and delicious to eat!

Serving 3 to 4 people, a perfect size for a family gathering and showing gratitude to mom.

*** Sushi ***

  1. Amberjack (Kanpachi) with Chive and Ginger
  2. Albacore
  3. Tuna with Nori-no-tsukudani (simmered dried laver in sweetened soy sauce) and Bubu-arare (rice grain cracker)
  4. Salmon
  5. Sea bream with house-made plum paste and shiso
  6. Seared Medium Fatty Tuna with black tobiko and chopped green onion with sesame sauce
  7. Fatty Tuna
  8. Sockeye Salmon with pickled daikon radish
  9. Yellowtail (Hamachi) marinated with plum say sauce, topped with baby arugula
  10. Sea Urchin

*** Kitchen ***

  1. Chicken Karaage
  2. Grilled Salmon marinated with salt rice leek (Sauce: red rice vinegar tomato salsa)
  3. Fried Chilean Sea Bass (Sauce: Jalapeno Sauce)
  4. Salad Bouquet with cold-smoked salmon

Price: $200 plus tax (includes two platters)
Order by phone (206-443-9844) 24 hours ahead
Available for takeout only
Pick up on Friday, May 7; Saturday, May, 8; or Sunday, May 9 from 12-5pm
Limited to 50 sets total

New Karaage Sauce for a limited time!

We are excited to introduce the results from our karaage sauce Facebook poll from earlier this year. The two new karaage sauces selected by you, our guests, are Karaage with Kinzanji-miso sauce and Karaage with Mango Chili Sauce.

Karaage with Kinzanji-miso is inspired by Wakayama prefecture, which is located in the western part of Japan. Kinzanji-miso is often used as a sauce itself rather than used as a seasoning or condiment paste, like other misos. Made with rice, barely, and soybeans, Kinzanji-miso blends perfectly for Karaage.

Karaage with Mango Chili Sauce utilizes real mango blended with hot chili pepper to create a perfect balance of sweetness and hot spiciness. It’s a tropical atmosphere in your mouth!

$8 per box, contains 5 pieces of Karaage (Price may differ for delivery)
Available until May 31.
Available only for takeout and delivery

New sake at Shiro’s

As summer approaches, we have added a new cold sake, Hiya, to our small bottle selection. Mizubasho Ginjo is from Nagai Brewery in Gunma Prefecture, about 70 miles north of Tokyo. Though Gunma is close to Tokyo, the area called Kawaba-mura, where the brewery is located, is full of nature with excellent pure water from the deep mountain and land of Oze. Using Yamadanishiki rice gives Mizubasho a crisp touch and elegant aftertaste, pairing well with fish, especially fatty kinds. Pouring it into a wine glass brings out more of a citrus aroma, so please do not hesitate to ask for wine glasses.

What do you see in May in Japan?

New green tea leaves (Shin-cha) harvest

The beginning of May is a week-long national holiday season called “Golden Week.” An eventful period of celebration, the timing also culminates in Hachiju-Hachi-Ya, one the most important and exciting days of the season. “Hachiju-Hachi” means eighty-eight and “Ya” means night. It represents eighty-eight nights from Risshun, or the beginning of spring. In Japanese traditional calendars “beginning” often means passing the peak of the previous period.

Haichiju-Hachi-Ya gives a broad signal for farmers to start picking the tea leaves around this time and/or to start planting rice in the rice fields. New tea leaves are called Shin-cha, meaning new tea, and Shin-cha is rich in flavor yet less bitter. From old days in Japan, drinking Shin-cha brings healthy living and longevity.

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