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We thought the warmer weather would never arrive, but it’s officially starting to feel like spring has sprung in Seattle. This month we’re celebrating the return of the sun with seasonal Isaki or grunt fish, our delicious sweet shrimp, Uni and refreshing sake. Join us at Shiro’s for these marvelous seasonal delicacies all month long!


Fresh Catch

Isaki (grunt fish) – Isaki or grunt fish is back at Shiro’s this month. This delicate, sweet fish is best enjoyed in the summer months when it is perfectly in season. Similar to Madai, Isaki is known for having a high fat content, as well as being extremely tender. This fish is easily identifiable by the bright red band directly under its skin and its translucent fat layers. This buttery delicacy is stunning as sashimi, sushi and nigiri.Amaebi (sweet shrimp) – We’re continuing our celebration of sweet shrimp or Amaebi this month! At Shiro’s we only serve the highest quality Amaebi, which comes to us directly from the icy waters of Northern Canada. The easiest way to determine the freshness of these tiny creatures is by their translucency; the clearer they are, the fresher they are, it’s that simple. These shellfish are also one of the only sea creatures best enjoyed completely raw, which brings out their natural sweet flavors. Don’t be scared when they’re served to you; they often are accompanied by their head and fried shellsAmaebi Image

Frequent Fish

Uni (sea urchin) – The West Coast is certainly the best coast when it comes to fresh Uni or sea urchin. California is the largest supplier of Uni in the world and with our close proximity, it makes getting fresh Uni a breeze. Though these interesting creatures are not exactly pretty to look at it, their sweet, briny flavor profile is a favorite amongst sushi aficionados. These fish are known to be a luxury due to the small amount of meat that is supplied, five lobes of meat to be exact.Uni ImageKinmedai (golden eye snapper) – This year-round fish is easily identifiable by its bright red coloring and large, striking eyes. Besides its physical appearance, Kinmedai is known for its truly unique flavor profile. It’s neither too soft nor too crunchy, it’s just right. Mainly caught off the coasts of Shizouka, Kanagawa and Kochi prefectures, this sweet fish can live to be over 14-years-old and grow to 23 inches in length.Kinmedai Image

Seasonal Sake

May 2018 Sake ImageMasumi Okuden Kantsukuri Junmai – We’ve found your next favorite sake! This month we’re serving Masumi “Okuden Kantsukuri Junmai” sake from the Nagano Prefecture region of Japan. Also known as the “Mirror of Truth” sake, this semi-dry sake is well balanced and is the perfect complement to a range of cuisines. Its intricate combination of floral, melon and dried fruit notes will delight all of your senses.

Japanese Food Traditions

Ichiju-Issai (Ultimate Diet Meal) – Ichiju-Issai was once considered a standard meal back in the Edo period of Japan and it consisted of a bowl of steamed rice, miso soup and a small side dish. This light, healthy meal was served daily in most Japanese households. But, today Ichiju-Issai has taken on an entirely new connotation, aka the “ultimate diet meal.” With overeating becoming more common in Japan, more and more people are going back to eating Ichiju-Issai, as a way to eat less and to lose weight. Now for those interested in breaking away from this diet for special occasions they can incorporate Ichiju-Sansai, which is miso soup, steamed rice and three small side dishes.

Ichiju-Issai Image

Chef aaron on komo 4

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us at Sumo + Sushi last weekend! We had a great time partnering with SE Productions and our sister restaurant I Love Sushi Bellevue to create delicious bento boxes for this event. Plus, ICYMI here’s our fabulous sushi chef Aaron chatting about Sumo + Sushi and Shiro’s on KOMO 4 News! View the entire segment here!

SUMO SUSHI Bento Image

Shiro’s Chefs

May 2018 Chef ImageProfiling your favorite sushi chefs with a short interview

This month: Gustavo De La Cruz, Sushi Chef

What is your favorite sushi?
I love the fish served with skin, such as Kimedai, Akamutsu and Kamasu. When the skin is seared, the aroma is appetizing and the crunchy skin adds more dimension to the fish.

What is your favorite sushi/beverage pairing?
I’m a beer lover, but not just any beer… Asahi draft is the BEST in my opinion!

What is your favorite non-Shiro’s dish (i.e. either at a restaurant, what you enjoy at home, etc.)?
I enjoy the Kisaku Roll at Kisaku in Greenlake. Somehow the combination of scallop, flying fish roe and snow crab always satisfies me. Since I cook every day at work, I don’t feel like cooking at home.

What are your hobbies?
Playing soccer and watching action movies on TV. “The Taken” is my current favorite movie.

What is your favorite time of year (here or in Japan) and why?
Definitely summer! It’s the best time in Seattle. I get to spend time with my kids outdoors playing soccer, catch, riding bikes, jogging, and best of all: BBQ picnic lunches.

Anything else fun or interesting that you’d like to share with guests?
We have a gorgeous place called Semac Champey in Guatemala. I strongly recommend visiting there if you have a chance. Ever since I was introduced to sushi making 12 years ago, I’m hooked on the simple yet delicate taste of sushi. It requires a complex technique to make it, and I don’t know if anyone could ever perfect it.


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