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As our local weather keeps us on our toes, we find comfort in the return of many of our seasonal fish used to create sushi. Enjoy our new Spring Sushi Platter filled with the best of spring fish and join us in welcoming new chef Yutaka from Japan! We are also excited to bring another new tea to our menu, also inspired by spring, and we explain a bit about the worldwide appeal of sushi and how it falls into Washoku.

Chef Yutaka Joins Our Team

We are excited to announce that a very talented chef has joined our team! Chef Yutaka, originally from Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan (near Osaka) settled in at Shiro’s just one month ago.
Chef Yutaka brings a lifetime of experience rooted in restaurants beginning at his father’s steak restaurant in Hyogo when he was just a child. Building foundational skills, he credits his father in part for driving his desire to pursue a culinary career. Chef Yutaka traveled to Canada to work for several years, including time at a Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant for about two years. Once he returned to Japan, he continued to work in Japanese cuisine for nine years before coming Shiro’s.
In his short time at Shiro’s, he has already been captivated by our wonderful city, the people, and feels right at home as part of Shiro’s culture. He continues to explore our city and welcomes any recommendations of places to see, visit and experience in Seattle!
From Chef Yutaka:

“I make sushi with all my heart and soul! When you’re at the Sushi Bar, please say hello and share your favorite local places for my next adventure!”

Spring Sushi Platter

Shiro’s Sushi Platter springs into the season with our new Spring Sushi Platter! A bounty of eight types of nigiri (four pieces each) and two types of sushi rolls profile the quality and seasonality of spring!

8 kinds of nigiri (32 pieces)
2 kinds of roll
$180+ tax
Order online
Takeout only

Sakura Sencha (Tea)

Our beverage menu debuts a new addition perfect for the upcoming cherry blossom season in March! It’s called Sakura Sencha, a blend of Sencha tea with real cherry blossoms and leaves. This combination creates a richer flavor and aroma compared to cherry blossoms alone, and is reminiscent of the beautiful and divine Sakura Mochi.

What is “Washoku?”

Have you heard the word “Washoku” (和食)? It literally means “Japanese Cuisine” with “Wa” (和) translating to “Japan,” and “Shoku” (食) meaning “food.”

The uniqueness of Washoku is characterized by the varieties of ingredients formed by the geographical characteristics of Japan. Japan is an island country where cold sea currents from the north meet warm sea currents from the south. This complex flow of currents bring a wide variety of fish to Japan, unparalleled to any other island country in the world (e.g. 400 kinds for UK, 1,300 kinds for New Zealand, 4,500 for Japan).

While the island country is surrounded by water, more than 70% of Japan is mountain area where the land terrain is also complex. This brings additional varieties of vegetation, but within limited land space to farm, prioritizing sustainable farming.

All of these natural environments for ingredients inspired the development of Washoku as small-portioned and delicate foods full of unique ideas to incorporate a variety of ingredients. Sushi is the best known Washoku around the world with the variety of fish enjoyed from the shores of Japan.