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We greet June with a new seasonal Sushi Platter, but that’s not all! We explore another favorite ingredient of Washoku and meet two chefs that bring some of the most loved Shiro’s dishes of all time!


Summer Sushi Platter

Seattle embraces summer with arms wide open, and our team at Shiro’s is no exception! We are excited to capture summer in our Summer Sushi Platter, now available through August.

The Platter features seasonal summer fish profiled in eight kinds of nigiri sushi (four pieces each) and two types of sushi rolls. For this bountiful summer edition, you can look forward to favorites such as Aji (Japanese Horse Mackerel) and Karei (marbled flat fish), alongside selected fish that will change routinely based on micro summer season and availability.

Please feel free to contact us at (or call 12-9pm) if you would like to confirm the platter’s contents on a specific day.

32 pieces of nigiri sushi (4pc each) and 2 kinds of rolls
Suitable for 4 people
Takeout only
$180 + tax
Order online, email, or call (206) 443-9844

Updated Sushi Bar Reservation Policy

Due to an increase in no-shows and very last-minute cancellations, we have updated our policy for Sushi Bar reservations. No-shows and cancellations after 2pm on the day of the reservation will be subject to an 80% charge of our Sushi Bar Omakase menu price. Thank you for your understanding.

Soy at Shiro’s

Due to the increased complexity of foods served for our Shiro’s Omakase at the Sushi Bar, we will no longer be able to accommodate soy-free options. We apologize for the inconvenience. (Soy-free still available for Dining Room menu.)

Kitchen Chefs at Shiro’s Sushi

We’ve previously profiled our Sushi Bar’s top chefs, and now we spotlight the equally valuable kitchen crew!

This crew prepares some of our most loved and longtime dishes, including Black Cod, Kasuzuke, Karaage, and Tempura.

Francisco is one of our longest-serving kitchen crew members at Shiro’s. He has been with us for 14 years, during which time he spent five dedicated years perfecting his tempura skills; making it his specialty dish. Additionally, he is responsible for cooking sushi rice (the essential foundation of our sushi) and prepares desserts for the perfect end to your evening at Shiro’s.

Morales has worked at Shiro’s for eight years. Morales cooks alongside Francisco where he prepares many of our staple, long-loved dishes, too! Like Francisco, Morales enjoys creating perfectly light and crisp tempura.

Stay tuned for more of our talented and skilled kitchen chefs in future newsletters!

Morales (left) and Francisco (right)

ToGo Menu from the kitchen

Mushroom Popularity in Washoku

As you enjoy Washoku (Japanese cuisine), you may have noticed the bounty and variety of mushrooms used in many dishes at Shiro’s. In fact, there are about 3,000 known mushrooms just in Japan, which is an impressive 15% of the worlds mushroom species, and about 20,000 species globally! Mushrooms are often symbiotic with trees, thriving in the shade and moisture of many different species of trees. Japan may be small geographically, but it boasts many kinds of trees, and with them, the large presence of mushrooms that are utilized in Washoku!

The popularity of specific mushrooms in Washoku often differs from other popular mushrooms from around the world. Matsutake, for example, are highly favored in Washoku, but outside of Japan their popularity wanes. Nameko or Enoki mushrooms are often treasured for their unique and sticky texture that is specifically desired in Japanese cuisine, whereas Truffle or Portini are both popular in the western world, but have a long history of not being well-regarded in Japan (however, this is changing!).

We hope you enjoy the continued features of Washoku and all it has to offer.

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