New in June 2023

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As we roll out of one of the warmest Mays on record for Seattle, we roll into an enjoyably warm summer filled with seasonal fish, sipping sake, beautiful blooms and a new Summer Sushi Platter!

Summer Sushi Platter

We already experienced summer-like weather in May, but we are happy to debut our Summer Sushi Platter this month! The seasonal platter features fresh summer fish as well as the always-favorite, never-changing tuna and salmon nigiri! Order online for same-day pick up, or call us at 206-443-9844 for pre-orders. Relax with our Summer Sushi Platter for a night off from cooking or at your next gathering!

Contents of our Summer Sushi Platter:
Eight types of nigiri fish (4 pieces each)
Two types of Sushi Rolls
Price: $190 plus tax
Takeout only

What’s Happening Around Shiro’s?

There’s a lot going on in our neighborhood lately. It makes getting here for dinner even easier! The extension of Elliot Way that runs from Alaskan Highway to Belltown is now open and in service, making car access from the Seattle waterfront to Shiro’s much easier! No more waiting for train crossings, which could sometimes take a very long time. For pedestrians, it is much easier and shorter to access Shiro’s by climbing this hill than using the indirect route from Wall Street.

Enjoy a beautiful walk or drive from the Seattle waterfront to our front door!

Fish in June
Isaki (Grunt)

Isaki’s arrival in early summer is a time to look forward to at Shiro’s! The beautiful red stripes make Isaki an impressive sushi ingredient. This year we bring in Isaki from both Ehime and Nagasaki. Both areas are populated with rich fishing grounds created by complex ocean currents, giving this Isaki a firm texture yet full of fat. Please enjoy the finest Isaki from Japan at Shiro’s while it’s here!

Sake in June
Dewazakura Tobiroku
Dewazakura Brewery, Yamagata, Japan

We previously profiled two sakes from Dewazakura brewery in our newsletters – Ichiro and Yukimanman, both of which are still on our menu today! This month we feature another Dewazakura brewery sake with Sparkling Nama Ginjo, TOBIROKU, awarded at the International Wine Challenge in the department of sparkling in 2017.

Tobiroku is created by a champagne-brewing method. It traps fermented yeast in a bottle to generate the sparkling aspect, specifically, fine grained bubbles.

The taste is refreshing and middle-dry-crisp. The flavor is not too sweet so that it complements well-flavored foods, such as white fatty fish like Isaki. It is also a great choice to reset your palate between dinner courses. For example, if you start with tempura for an appetizer, sipping Tobiroku will refresh your palate and ready it for the second or third dinner course of our sushi menu! Tobiroku is also a refreshing drink as temperatures rise this time of year!

Enjoy for takeout or with our dine-in omakase menu.

Japan in June
Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festivals

Ajisai Festivals take place in various locations all across Japan from early June to July, according to the Ajisai season. Ajisai is native to Japan, familiar and popular among many Japanese. Although some organizers plan small events with food trucks, Ajisai Festivals are basically more focused on enjoying Ajisai itself.

The existence of Ajisai was first recognized around 700 AD when it appeared in Manyo-shu, which is the oldest anthology of poems from the 8th century. After many centuries, Ajisai appeared in several books. However, even then, Ajisai was not as popular as it is now. After WWⅡ, Ajisai started gathering momentum as a well-deserved tourist attraction.

In modern times, Ajisai still attracts people’s hearts because of its light-colored beauty and ease of cultivation. Ajisai are also planted in the precincts of many temples, creating a beautiful scene with colorful and gorgeous Ajisai blooms, truly a sight to behold!