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The world seems to be changing day-by-day, with a newness, excitement and perhaps some caution, all around. As summer approaches and the outside air becomes a welcome respite like never before, we welcome each day as a gift, alongside family and friends.

Thank you as always for your support of Shiro’s. We look forward to being present at family gatherings, picnics, celebrations and more!

Father’s Day Weekend Platter

For some reason, throughout the world Father’s Day seems to be less appreciated than Mother’s Day. However, we have created something special for dads with a Father’s Day Weekend Platter just as valuable as the Mother’s Day Platter.

Chef Masaki will prepare very special beef, pork, and lamb, each with proper vacuum cooking for each protein (protein thermal denaturation temperature zone). It is served cold and decorated with sushi on the same platter. Tender, delicious and beautiful!

The platter includes:

*** Sushi ***

  1. Albacore with sprout
  2. Amberjack (Kanpachi) with Yuzu Kosho
  3. Salmon with Onion Ponzu
  4. Sockeye Salmon with ginger
  5. Belt Fish (Tachiuo)
  6. Sea bream with house-made plum paste
  7. Scallop (Hotate)
  8. Fatty Tuna with wasabi on top
  9. Marinated Tuna (Zuke Maguro) with Japanese mustard
  10. Medium Fatty Tuna (Chu Toro)
  11. Tuna (Akami)
  12. Botan Shrimp (Botan Ebi)
  13. Black Porgy (Kurodai) with Shiso
  14. Golden Eye Snapper (Kinmedai)
  15. Sea Urchin (Uni) with wasabi on top

*** from the Kitchen ***

  1. Grilled pork with ginger sauce
  2. Lamb chop marinated with salted rice leek
  3. Grilled Angus Beef with Japanese BBQ Sauce

Price: $170 plus tax. Takeout only.
Order by phone at (206) 443-9844, at least 24 hours in advance.
Pick up on June 18 (Fri), 19 (Sat) or 20 (Sun) from 12pm-5pm.
Limited to 30 platters total – reserve yours soon!

Uni (Sea Urchin)

In the Pacific Northwest the season for Uni (Sea Urchin) is fall to winter. But in Japan, sea urchin can be harvested throughout the year, from one area to another. Spawning season for many Uni is August to October, however, a more delicious-producing time of year is about 2 months before the spawning, from June to August. This timing means we are in luck now and Japanese Uni is in season!

Hokkaido, Northeast Prefecture in Japan, produces 60% of all Uni production in Japan. There are many different types of Uni, but the most popular one is called Bafun Uni. Many will imagine Bafun Uni when they think of Uni with its distinctive dark orange color and excellent balance of richness and smoothness. We are using this Bafun Uni for our dine-in omakase sushi course and 19-piece omakase sushi takeout/delivery, while supplies last.

New sake at Shiro’s

The recent global rise in recognition of Sake has created some significant collaborations with premier European alcohol drink manufacturers. HEAVENSAKE Project is one of those collaborations, featuring Regis Camus and three Japanese Sake Breweries. At Shiro’s, we have selected Urakasumi of HEAVENSAKE Junmai Ginjo to offer to guests. Its fresh citrus aroma and crisp, but gentle touch of its taste pairs perfect with sashimi and sushi, especially fatty fish.

What do you see in June in Japan?

Time Day (Toki-no-kinenbi)

June 10th is Toki-no-kinenbi, or Time Day, in Japan. Although it is not a national holiday, Time Day is known to every Japanese as the date to think about the importance of time and being on time.

Time Day was created in 1920 by the Japanese Government to reinforce the mind of punctuality among Japanese people. Nowadays, Japan has one of the most punctual public transportation systems in the world, and it is largely due to the campaign which started 100 years ago.

On June 10th let’s check our conventional clock for its punctuality and try to be on time for all appointments and plans made for yourself!

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