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This time of year our local waters are overflowing with wonderful, fresh seafood. While we dust off our summer clothes and enjoy the beautiful weather, we are reminded of our sense of community and tradition through the foods we eat.


Fresh Catch

Isaki (Japanese Grunt Fish) – The delicate texture and light flavor of this fish showcase a noticeable fat layer between the skin and the meat, complemented by a hint of sweetness. Any white-fish lover will go crazy for this fish and the umami will increase when the meat is lightly broiled with a bit of skin on.

Isaki (Japanese Grunt Fish)

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Amaebi (Local Spot Prawn) – Straight from Hood Canal and San Juan Islands, locally harvested spot prawns are irresistible this time of year! Delivered to our restaurant still alive, the amaebi are delicately and respectfully handled to bring out the succulent sweetness that is the signature of these prized beauties.

Amaebi (Local Spot Prawn)

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Seasonal Sake

Sake June 2017 ImageTsukino Katsura “Yanagi” (Junmai Ginjo) – Heralding from Kyoto, this sake presents elegance and flavor in a multi-layered and well-rounded sip. Fruit forward with slightly spiced undertones make this a relatively clean and mild flavor sake that is utterly perfect with sushi.

June in Japan

Koromogae (Wardrobe Change) – A custom known as Koromogae, in Japan we change our wardrobe twice a year, in June and October, to make way for the next season’s attire. This month, heavy clothing is packed away to make way for lighter ones for the warmer season, and vice versa in October.

Koromogae (Wardrobe Change)

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Tsuyu (Rainy Season) – In most areas of Japan, June is the beginning of the rainy season called Tsuyu. It rains almost constantly and while tourism decreases, it also makes for un-crowded beauty at some of the temples, hot springs and gardens.

Tsuyu (Rainy Season)

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Geoduck Miso Butter – Early summer makes way for harvesting local geoduck! Whether you try your hand at digging it up yourself or just want to cook up the crunchy, slightly sweet clam, try our own Chef “Joe” Sato’s recipe that ran in The Seattle Times, here!

Geoduck Miso Butter by Chef Joe

Geoduck Butter Image


Prepared in a special square pan designed hundreds of years ago, Tamago, or Japanese egg omelett, has a rich history. See how we make this traditional dish with layers of delicate egg mixed with white shrimp and mountain potato – here!

Japanese Traditional Style “Tamago” (Egg Omelet)
Tamago Image

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