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Moments of reflection lead us into the New Year. We thank you for a wonderful 2021, and helping us survive into 2022. We resolve to continue to bring our best this year, continuing our Winter Platter, announcing our new leader of our house, starting the new year with a new sake, and grasping Japanese traditions!

Welcome to 2022!


Winter Platter

We were humbled to have our Winter Platter at so many holiday celebrations. As winter continues, we are proud to continue offering the Winter Platter on our takeout men

=== NIGIRI ===
4pc each of: Chutoro (Medium Fatty Tuna) Akami (Tuna) Sawara (King Mackerel) Buri (Yellowtail) Kurodai (Black Sea Perch) Sock-eye Salmon Salmon Kanpachi (Amberjack)
=== ROLLS ===
Shrimp Tempura Roll with Jalapeno and Cream Cheese (6pc) Avocado Salmon Roll with Shrimp Tempura (8pc)

Price: $150 plus tax.
Order 24 hours in advance
Available for takeout only

Team Shiro’s

Introducing Masaki Nishioka, Head Sushi + Kitchen Chef, Kitchen Manager

Chef Masaki is the star chef of Shiro’s, with an amazing supporting team alongside him. Shiro’s success during this pandemic could not be realized without him. With his broad experience in many different cuisines and working locations throughout the world, he has brought new level of standards in quality and presentation while also inspiring the staff at Shiro’s. As you will see when you come to Shiro’s, everyone working in the house loves and respects him, referring to him as “Nishi.”

Sake in January

Takatenjin Junmai Daiginjo
Doi Brewery, Shizuoka Japan

Takatenjin, Junmai Daiginjo, is brewed by Doi Brewery in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. Doi Brewery is located in Kakegawa city and there is a castle called Takatenjin castle. “Takatenjin” is believed to bring good luck and Kakegawa is known for its delicious wasabi production.

Takatenjin Junmai Daiginjo has a lightly sweet but crisp taste with a touch of freshly harvested citrus. This character makes Takatenjin suitable for broad audiences as well as a variety of food. When you pair Takatenjin with Madai (Sea Perch), it will bring up the umami with a perfectly paired bite. When you pair Takatenjin with fatty tuna, take a moment between a bit of fatty tuna and a sip of Takatenjin. You will fully enjoy the richness of fatty umami, then the freshness of Takatenjin will clear you and make you ready for the next fish. Enjoy those and our other sushi options with this featured sake.

Japan in January

First-time-of-the-year things

The period of the New Year’s holiday, which is typically the first 3 days of the year, is called Shogatsu, or Oshogatsu, in politer form, and this is the most celebrated time of year. In Japan, things done at this time of the year are considered as celebrated and fortunate. One of the biggest things is Hatsuhinode, or first sunrise – when people wake up early in the morning to see the first sunrise on January 1. Some people even pray for happiness or make a wish while watching the first sunrise of the year.

Another thing is Hatsumoude, the first shrine visit of the year. Meiji Shrine in Tokyo attracts most visitors in the New Year’s holiday, about 3.1 million people in just the first three days of the year. During the pandemic, this number has dropped dramatically, but the sprit to celebrate Shogatsu remains the same.

Other things are Hatsuyume (the first night dream of the year), Kakizome (the first Shodo, or Japanese calligraphy, writing of the year), and so on. Try something as the calendar turns to 2022 and make it meaningful and celebrated to be the first time of the year!

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