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New items for our new Shiro’s To-Go menu, in the New Year – 2021!

Last month we introduced Crispy Sushi Rice Burgers with a special issue of our newsletter. In this issue, we return to our cornerstone as a Sushi restaurant with new menu items!



1) Seared Tuna Chirashi Sushi Bowl with organic tofu miso soup

  • Lunch time only; limited to 20 per day
  • Available beginning January 4
  • $25

We started selling chirashi sushi bowls at the beginning of our takeout-only operation in March, pulling from our regular menu and brushing it up a bit. Now we have created chirashi sushi with unmatched value for your money.

The bowl features seared tuna slices topped with special teriyaki sauce and sesame seed. Adorned with our chef’s choice of marinated white fish of the day, salmon slices wrapped in kaiware, scattered sea urchin and diced egg omelet. Enjoy it with our organic tofu miso soup. It’s the lunch that dreams are made of!

Seared Tuna Chirashi Sushi Bowl

2) Shiro’s Combo -January 2021-

  • Dinner time only; limited to 20 per day
  • Available from January 4 to January 31 (limited time offer)
  • $55


We’ve stretched our culinary boundaries with the Crispy Sushi Rice Burgers, so we also wanted to evolve from Edomae sushi by exploring Kansai sushi called Battera (pressed sushi using herring or mackerel) for the first time in our history. Our chefs take fish flown in from Toyosu Market in Japan to create a premium combo that features truly seasonal fish.

Our new Shiro’s Combo features seven pieces of selected premium nigiri: Maguro (tuna), O-toro (fatty tuna), Salmon with onion citrus soy and shiso leaf, Zuke-Bincho (smoked and marinated albacore tuna), Kasugo-dai (young sea bream), Aori-ika (oval squid), Ikura (salmon roe) and of course our Tamago (egg omelet). The Combo also includes two pieces of Nishin Battera (Herring Pressed Sushi), 2 pieces of Futomaki (fat roll sushi) and 2 pieces of Inari-zushi (fried soy pouch stuffed with sweetened sushi rice). Fish may be altered depending on the availability in the market.

Shiro’s Combo -January 2021


As we find ourselves in a continued period of closed dine-in service, we decided to stretch our imagination beyond sushi and came up with crispy rice burgers! A slight departure from our regular sushi and Japanese dishes, but one grounded in an American favorite – delicious burgers! We used sushi rice to come up with the all-important “bun” part of a burger, and incorporated elements of our regular menu and other premium ingredients to create four distinct selections:

In Shiro’s Classic, we used the same salmon we serve for sushi, and included a legendary ingredient at Shiro’s, smelt. As we tried to provide a variety, we added chicken, which is a popular ingredient for burgers and widely accepted regardless of religious background. We also included Shiro’s poplar menu item, shrimp tempura, into another burger. Lastly, but certainly not least, we made Shiro’s Vegan, the first menu item at Shiro’s to be named vegan from its inception.

Crispy Sushi Rice Burger


Yamame (freshwater cherry trout) Roe

We are all familiar with the recognizable shiny orange color of the popular sushi ingredient, salmon roe. Yamame (freshwater cherry trout) is a sibling fish of salmon and spends its entire life in fresh water. Its roe is even more distinct with a golden yellow color. While it is a bit surprising to see on sushi, know that it is quite a treat as it is extremely rare with a delicate taste that has no substitute.




In the New Year season, you see Kadomatsu placed at the entrance of houses and buildings all over Japan. Toshigami-sama (or “the deity of the year”) visits each household and business, but Kadomatsu is used as a sign to inform the deity that the household is ready and welcoming.

Kado means gate, and matsu means pine tree. It is believed that deities reside inside pine trees, so pine tree branches are the simplest decoration of Kadomatsu. Others may choose bamboo and plum displayed with pine branches. Bamboo symbolizes straight forward growth, power, and toughness. Plum shows durableness since it blooms in the middle of winter. Placing Kadomatsu at every New Year shows Japanese people’s humble wish for happiness in the coming year.


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