New in February 2024

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What a 2024 we’ve had! The weather has taken us from warm to freezing and back again. Luckily, our seafood sourcing has been unaffected, and our chefs are doing a phenomenal job of finding the best nigiri fish out there! We are also ramping up for Valentine’s with a special platter filled with some true treasures including favorites, new items, and more!

Valentine’s Day Platter

This Valentine’s Day, we are presenting the opportunity to dine with us, or to impress your date at home with our Valentine’s Day Platter. Specially created for two people, this takeout platter promises to entice all of the senses to set the stage for a truly memorable dinner. The platter includes:

Six kinds of Nigiri
Six kinds of Sashimi
Smoked duck
Dungeness crab rice ball
Black cod
Cocktail jelly
Steamed egg
Raw chocolate

Valentine’s Day Platter for two
Price: $190 (plus tax)
Takeout only
Order now through Feb 12 by phone (206) 443-9844 or email
Pick-up: 12–4 p.m. on Feb 14

New To-go Menu Bowls

We recently added three new bowls to our To-go menu. These bowls are designed exclusively for takeout, filled with premium fish (and two favorites – Tuna and Salmon) served on top of perfectly cooked rice. Try one or all three! Order online and enjoy this new addition to our Shiro’s takeout menu.

Shiro’s Chirashi Bowl ($45)

Tuna, Fatty Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, White fish, Sweet Shrimp, Scallop, Ikura, Unagi, Uni and Egg, placed on top of rice

Bluefin Tuna Bowl ($42)

Tuna, Seared Fatty tuna, Negitoro, Shiso leaf, Sesame and Egg, placed on top of rice

Salmon Bowl ($25)

Salmon, Seared Salmon, Ikura, Shiso leaf and Egg placed on top of rice

Beer at Shiro’s

Japan’s beer industry thrives with four major players: Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory. Each company has its signature brew: Asahi’s Super Dry, Kirin’s Ichiban Shibori, Sapporo’s Sapporo Black Label, and Suntory’s Premium Malts. Asahi ranks the top beer in sales, followed by Kirin, Suntory, and Sapporo. These beers are all readily sold in Japanese supermarkets and are the pride of Japan’s beer industry, enjoyed by many within Japan and around the world.

Shiro’s is fortunate to offer two of these beers:  Asahi Super Dry and Sapporo Beer. Both of these were selected for their ease of drinking with sushi. The beers both complement the nuances and flavors of the fish, while also serving as a palate cleanser thanks to the fine bubbles of the beer. Select whichever beer suits your tastes and enjoy the pairing with our sushi.

Japan in February
Plum blossom

Cherry blossoms in the springtime are a famous seasonal scene in Japan. “Hanami,” which directly translates as “flower viewing” has come to equate to “cherry blossom viewing” nowadays. However, until the 8th century, Hanami meant “plum blossom” viewing.

Indeed, cherry blossoms are more dynamic and spectacular, therefore, likely to be more visually captivating, or “Instagrammable” than plum blossoms. As for plum blossoms, they are humble and delicate, which goes along well with the deeply rooted characteristic of Japanese people and culture.

In addition, plum blossoms provide a wonderfully sweet aroma. When you walk into plum woods during the peak of blooming, the experience of the intense aroma will make you want to inhale forever!

In February, plum festivals take place all over Japan. If you are lucky to be in Japan during this time, be sure to visit one of the celebrations. Or, likely more accessible, come into Shiro’s for a glass of our plum wine!