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Valentine’s Weekend Platter

In Japan, sushi is one of the most desired cuisines when a couple dines together.  We are honored to serve such a special cuisine on such a special occasion as the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Although we are in the midst of a global pandemic, it does not keep us from creating a sushi platter for two befitting of Valentine’s weekend. This year, it also coincides with the Lunar New Year, which is Friday, February 12. Therefore, the platter makes a celebratory New Year dinner as well.

In addition to our accoladed-ingredients from Japan, such as Kasugodai (young sea bream,) Anago (sea eel,) and Kuruma-Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn,) we use fish that are well-known, yet premium in the U.S., such as lobster and oysters. Each is turned into delicious sushi with some receiving new interpretations of Edomae-style technique. The platter also comes with dessert, which is a perfect match to conclude the dinner for an occasion like Valentine’s Day. The price is $160, and it is designed for 2 people.

Contents of Platter
Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, Fatty Tuna, Ola King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Kasugodai (young sea bream,) Anago (sea eel,) Kuruma-Ebi (Japanese Tiger Prawn,) Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Bi-color Ikura, lobster, oyster, egg omelet, and dessert.

Reserve your takeout-only Valentine’s platter by calling 206.443.9844, or online beginning Feb. 12; limited supply. Pickup either Feb. 12, 13 or 14.

What’s this fish? – KASUGODAI (Young Sea Bream)

Kasugodai, or young sea bream, translates to “spring day” or “spring child” sea bream in Japanese. Kasugodai can be caught throughout the year, but because of its name, it is considered a spring fish.

Its size produces a firmer texture than Madai (sea bream,) therefore it is important that chefs know exactly how to mold it into very desirable nigiri. It’s similar to that of texture differences between beef and younger veal. Our chefs create the perfect bite of Kasugodai nigiri using traditional Edomae-style practices. You can sample this in our Valentines Weekend Platter.

KASUGODAI (Young Sea Bream)

Shiro’s in the Media

We are thrilled and humbled by the recognition that Shiro’s has recently received, both on a local and national scale.

The Seattle Times highlighted our Crispy Sushi Rice Burgers in “Food critic Tan Vinh on the 3 best Seattle-area takeout meals he’s had recently” on January 6, 2021.

Esquire named Shiro’s Sushi in their list of “100 Restaurants America Can’t Afford to Lose” on December 29, 2020.

Update on our re-opening

On January 28th, Washington State announced that restaurants in the Puget Sound Region, which is home to Shiro’s, will be allowed to re-open for dining at 25% capacity starting today, February 1st. We are not open yet, but we will be announcing our exact re-opening date for Shiro’s shortly. We hope for everyone’s ongoing health and well-being. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support of our takeout and delivery services.


Atsu-kan (Hot Sake)

Across the world, alcoholic beverages are most commonly served chilled or at room temperature. In Japan, Atsu-kan or hot sake, is just as popular as Hiya or cold sake. In fact, Atsu-kan is more popular than Hiya during winter months.

Atsu-kan and Hiya are used as general terminology for hot and cold sake. Some sake drinkers classify options in more detailed ways in terms of temperature. The following is an example of sake temperature names.

Temperature (F) Name
HOT 130 Tobikiri-kan
120 Atsu-kan
110 Jou-kan
WARM 105 Nuru-kan
95 Hitohada-kan
85 Hinata-kan
CHILLED 60 Suzu-bie
50 Hana-bie
40 Yuki-bie

We use an Atsu-kan machine at Shiro’s, but you can make Atsu-kan at home using a microwave.


  1. Fill 6oz of sake in a microwave-safe decanter or bottle, then cover the top with plastic wrap.
  2. Set the microwave to medium level (600W) and warm it for 40 seconds.
  3. Remove from the microwave and stir sake to a uniform temperature in the decanter. This should warm the sake to about 105F.
  4. Remove from the microwave and stir sake to a uniform temperature in the decanter. This should warm the sake to about 105F.

For you to enjoy Atsu-kan at home, we are preparing a new hot sake set ($37) to go on sale in mid-February. It comes with a 10oz hot sake decanter, 2 Shiro’s hot sake cups and 10oz Shirakabegura, which we use for our hot sake at Shiro’s. We hope this hot sake warms you up this winter!

Atsu-kan (Hot Sake)

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