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Happy Holidays from our entire team at Shiro’s! To close out the year and ring in the new year we have, what else . . . SUSHI! Different sushi platters (and a traditional Japanese Christmas dish) are available all month long to celebrate the holidays, satisfy your cravings, and feed your body and soul!

New Year’s Eve Weekend Platter

The New Year is the biggest celebration of the entire year in Japan. There are many traditions during Shogatsu (New Year) in Japan and plenty of opportunity to celebrate with family and friends, including of course, the food!

A special New Year food called Osechi is one of these traditions, featuring a variety of foods with special meaning, served in various boxes, similar to bento boxes. While sushi is not a traditional part of Osechi, it is widely viewed as a celebratory food so we offer our New Year’s Eve platter in true Shiro’s style for the festivities of Shogatsu.

This year the New Year’s Eve platter will include 40 pieces of nigiri sushi on one platter and a bounty of holiday food on the other platter. More than enough to share with friends and family as you ring in the New Year!

Price $360 (includes two platters)
Call 206-443-9844 for pre-order
Order by December 28
Pick up December 29, 30 or 31 (limited to 20 orders per day)

Winter Platter

As the seasons moves on, so does our seasonal sushi platter. We now introduce our Winter Platter with seasonal winter white fish and tuna and salmon nigiri, all included on one delicious platter. We take same-day orders online or by phone, so when you have a sudden last-minute gathering, or simply want sushi as part of your spread, give us a call or order online and we will have the Shiro’s Winter Platter ready for pickup.

It includes:
8 kinds of nigiri (4 pieces per kind)
2 kinds of sushi rolls
Price $190

The Top 3 Nigiri at Shiro’s

We were a little curious what ranks as our best-selling nigiri! We ran through dining room and sushi bar orders (take-out not included) from November 2022 to November 2023 to tally it all up! Our research paid off as we give you the top three nigiri for the dining room and for the sushi bar – interestingly, the results are completely different!

Dining Room

  1. Fatty Tuna
  2. Kinmedai
  3. Yellowtail

Sushi Bar

  1. Anago
  2. Engawa
  3. Ankimo

Note: We have several kinds of tuna nigiri and salmon nigiri, such as Fatty Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, Albacore Tuna, and Ora King Salmon and Sockeye Salmon. So, if we group all types of tuna together and all types of salmon together, we see the rankings slightly change:

Dining Room

  1. Tuna
  2. Salmon
  3. Kinmedai

Sushi Bar

  1. Anago
  2. Engawa
  3. Tuna

(Salmon is #6)

We fully expected tuna and salmon to rank #1 and #2 because both fish are very popular in any country, and salmon and tuna are usually ranked in the top one or two in any Japanese sushi ranking websites, based on our research. However, it is interesting to note that the results of the sushi bar are completely different from the dining room! We think that our wonderful and talented sushi chefs guide guests on an adventure (and out of their norm) at the sushi bar, which could account for part of the difference.

Research from the dining room orders showcases just how popular tuna and salmon are. That said, we usually ask every guest to order a set course menu, and the menu usually includes four pieces of tuna nigiri (Bluefin Tuna four ways) and two pieces of salmon nigiri (Sockeye Salmon or Atlantic Salmon). It can skew numbers, but some guests order tuna and salmon in addition to the set menu, too.

When you are debating which nigiri to order in addition to the set menu and omakase, choosing nigiri from this ranking list may come in handy!

Sake in December
Sparkling Wine for Holidays

Pairing sushi and sake is a longtime tradition, however, bringing together sushi and sparkling wine is also an excellent pairing! The acidity of champagne goes well with vinegar rice (Sumeshi). The balance of sugar and vinegar in the rice, and of sugar and strong acidity of aging grapes in sparkling wine, go together for a wonderful pairing. The fizzy bubbles help clear the smell and taste of fish and fat, so it is easy to pair with a variety of fish. It also brings a festive holiday element to enjoy our omakase with a bottle of bubbles!

We have two sparkling wines: Gruet Brut and Cuvée Aurora Rose

Gruet Brut, New Mexico
Gruet Brut is made from chardonnay grapes grown on California’s Central Coast. Hints of fresh fruit flavors such as pear, apple, and grapefruit spread across the palate and good acidity brings out a refreshing taste.

Gruet Brut’s bubbly dryness is perfect with nigiri that have light taste, such as sea bream and flounder, now in season.

BANFI, Cuvée Aurora Rose, Alta Langa DOCG, Italy
Cuvée Aurora Rose is a sparking rose made with Pinot Noir grapes in Italy. Typical champagne is required to age for at least 15 months during its second fermentation. This sparkling rose is closer to 30 months of second fermentation. Doubling the fermentation period produces very fine and very persistent bubbles. This sparkling rose offers well-balanced sapidity and freshness with a hint of citrus peel and notes of rose and vanilla.

Cuvée Aurora Rose features well with pink flesh fish, such as salmon and octopus. It is extra dry (Extra Brut) and has a clean aftertaste, making it another perfect companion with fish that have depth of flavor and high fat content, such as tuna.

Culture Endeavor – Japan in December
Christmas Foods in Japan

In Japan, sometimes holidays mean a little something different! Christmas is traditionally a time to celebrate the birth of Christ in Christian countries. However, Japan has different religious backgrounds so while the country has adopted much of western culture, including Christmas, it is done so with little relation to religion. Christmas has, in fact, become one of the biggest events of the year in Japan!

Christmas in Japan dates back decades, and today, looks very similar to other countries with Christmas decorations throughout cities, towns and homes, including decorated Christmas trees, festive gifts and the tradition of Christmas dinner with family and friends.

That said, what’s on a Japanese Christmas Dinner table may look a little different than an American Christmas table. Japan has developed some “Signature Christmas Foods,” including fried chicken and Christmas Cake.

Christmas Cakes, or kurisumasu keki, are very light sponge cakes artfully covered in whipped cream and strawberries. They are sold in every patisserie, grocery store, and convenience store around Japan. Incredibly popular, orders start around the middle of November for the Christmas time treat!

While Americans traditionally dine on turkey at Thanksgiving, Japanese enjoy fried chicken on Christmas, likely due to a very successful marketing strategy by KFC in 1974. Nowadays, it’s difficult to get KFC’s Christmas chicken on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day without advanced reservations. Long lines of hungry people form in front of KFC’s in Japan on Christmas! However, many families will opt for the Japanese version of fried chicken, known as karaage, to enjoy during the holidays.

Craving a little fried chicken for your holiday gathering? Shiro’s has our Karaage on the to-go menu so you can enjoy a Japanese style Christmas dinner too!