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Fresh fish abounds at Shiro’s this August! Indulge in light and buttery trevally sushi and one of the Northwest’s most prized local seafoods, geoduck. Cool off with two chilled sakes from Kokuryu Brewery in Japan and read about the traditional Japanese vegan food, Shojin Ryori. Keep reading for all the details, our community events, charity work, and more! We look forward to seeing you for dinner this summer!



Fresh Catch

Shimaaji (Trevally) – Shimaaji directly translates to “Island horse mackerel.” This fish has earned its name because it’s abundantly found in the Izu island chain of Japan. Part of the Jack and horse mackerel family with a firm texture and delightfully smooth freshness, it’s considered to be one of the most desired fish of the summer season!

Shimaaji (Trevally)

Mirugai (Geoduck) – Geoduck is native to the coastal waters of the Northwest and our chefs look forward to the season every year! As the largest burrowing clams in the world, the name “geoduck,” is derived from a Lushootseed (Native American) word meaning “dig deep.” Its large size, sweetness and texture are the pride of our local people. Truly a Northwest delicacy.

Mirugai (Geoduck)


Seasonal Sake

This August we’re featuring two refreshing seasonal sakes from Kokuryu Brewery in the Fukui Prefecture in Japan.

First up is the Kokuryu “Tokusen,” also known as Crystal Dragon. This seasonal sake expresses its ginjo identity not through fragrant aroma, but with decisively good taste. Its hallmarks are strength and flavor and it has exceptionally clean balance. Tokusen pairs well with umami-rich seafood like squid, scallops and sea bream. Smooth and sleek, the flavor opens up a little closer to room temperature as your meal progresses.

Our next sake for the month of August is Kokuryu Ryu, also known as Gold Dragon. Made from the soft waters of Fukui combined with the robust Kokuryu brewing style, it’s a sake that’s gentle yet firm. It has a faint, cedar-like woodiness, and a beautiful aroma. An elegant and sophisticated sake, it was once served in first class on Japan Airlines!


Japanese Food Traditions

– Shojin Ryori – Japanese Vegan Food –

Shojin Ryori is a type of traditional Japanese food developed at Buddhist temples over centuries. In Buddhism, killing living beings is prohibited and Buddhist monks are not allowed to eat any animals including beef, pork, chicken and fish. They’re also not allowed to drink milk or eat the following five pungent root vegetables – onion, garlic, shallot, leek and chive. So, Shojin Ryori (精進料理) is literally the same as vegan food (or even more stringent in terms of ingredient selection).

Nowadays, however, there is a growing number of Japanese people who prefer eating Shojin Ryori because it’s healthier than eating a thick Kobe beef steak. Also, Shojin Ryori chefs have been extremely smart in beautifully presenting foods, comparable to noble French cuisine. Some sushi chefs have started offering vegan sushi using various vegetables including pickled vegetables, which are incredibly tasty!

Shojin Ryori


Auction of Washington Wines Social Hour with Shiro’s Sushi

For the second year in a row, Shiro’s is joining the Auction of Washington Wines (AWW) Social Hour Event to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital, the Viticulture and Enology Program at WSU, and the AWW Industry Grant Program. On August 17 at Chateau Ste Michelle Winery, guests will sample wines and food from top area restaurants, including our own Chef Tsuyoshi, who will be serving Sockeye Salmon and Soy Marinated Flounder Sushi as well as Mustard Leaf with Sesame Oshizushi and three kinds of Radish with Shiitake Oshizushi.

To learn more about the fun evening and great cause, or to purchase tickets, visit

AWW Social Hour Event

Third-Annual Blakely Island Catering Event

Shiro’s had the wonderful opportunity to visit Blakely Island this summer to create a beautiful meal for the community using local seafood, hand-picked garden vegetables, fresh-caught fish and more!

Blakely Island is the sixth largest island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, accessed only by private boat, charter ferry, or via the private airstrip for property owners. While most residents live on the island during the summer, there are a few year-around residents. The only services available are the general store and café, which are exclusively summer businesses.

This is our third catering on the island and it’s always a fun celebration of delicious, seasonal ingredients straight from the island. Over 30 residents offer their locally harvested seafood and garden varieties, and our chefs create a meal for everyone to enjoy. The island itself offers serenity and beauty, totally free of the modern world. Each year it’s a unique and heart-warming experience for our team!

Blakely Island Catering Event


Community Events

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