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Wind. Rain. Hail. Spring is definitely here! While the weather shifts keep us on our toes, we also usher in new menu items filled with seasonal fish, local favorites, and sushi diversity! Award-winning sake makes its way to Shiro’s, Cherry Blossoms grace our views, and we welcome Phase 3 of Healthy Washington.

Shiro’s Easter Platter

We are having a bit of fun this Easter – eggs, lamb, and of course, fish! Our special Shiro’s Easter Platter is full of Spring festivities:

  • 4 lamb chops, marinated with sake leek (much like our famed Black Cod), with dressing
  • 2 pieces salmon oshi-zushi (pressed sushi)
  • 12 pieces temari-zushi (6 types, 2 pieces of each) – tuna, sea bream, yellowtail, sea eel, salmon, cucumber and jalapeno
  • 4 pieces boiled egg with cod karaage
  • 6 quail eggs (naturally colored using vegetables)
  • Vegetables, including specially marinated spaghetti squash, with dressing
  • 2 dessert cups of matcha short cake

Guests who uncover a hidden gold quail egg will win a complimentary dessert on the next visit.

$160; offered Friday-Sunday (April 2-4); takeout only (order 24 hours in advance of pick-up)

Limited supplies, so hop to it!

New 12pc Nigiri Assortment and Roll

Shiro’s To Go is introducing a 12pc Nigiri Assortment and roll for just $55. Loaded with sushi and premium fish selections, it consists of 12 pieces of Nigiri and six pieces of Caterpillar Roll. Nigiri includes Tuna three ways (tuna, medium fatty tuna and fatty tuna), salmon, sockeye salmon, Yellowtail, Scallop, Kanpachi and 3 pieces of chef’s choice, as well as Caterpillar Roll with avocado, cucumber, unagi, cream cheese, tobiko, fried onion, mango chili sauce. $55, offered 4 – 8 p.m. only.

15 or 30 piece Sashimi Assortments

As a sushi restaurant, it is our nature to serve fresh and tasty fish. Our accolades showcase our dedication to presenting top-quality sashimi as seen in our two new sashimi offerings: 15 or 30 pieces of sashimi. They are filled with the highest quality fish we can get our hands on – and we travel far and wide to bring it to you! A beautifully decorated plate, it is perfect for a spring dinner occasion. Enjoy with your family or close friends.

Dewazakura Ichiro

As temperatures gets warmer, colder sake becomes more and more favored. Springtime brings cherry blossoms, and “Dewazakura” means cherry of Dewa (ancient name of Yamagata prefecture), which brings us to our April sake feature!

Dewazakura Ichiro is Junmai Daiginjo and won the champion sake award in International Wine Challenge in 2008. Its taste is fruity yet smooth and crispy, so it pairs well with many different types of fish, whether fatty or lean. Fruity sake is suitable if you are new to sake, but it is rather rare for fruity sake to go along well with sushi or sashimi. This makes Dewazakura Ichiro one of a kind.

Moving to Phase 3

As of today, April 1, we transition to Phase 3 of Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery program. We are allowed to welcome guests up to 50% capacity, which means 24 guests may safely dine at Shiro’s at any one time.

We continue to check temperatures and ask everyone to sanitize hands at the entrance of Shiro’s. We are also asking for your cooperation to limit party size to four people per table while dining at Shiro’s. Thank you for your understanding with our continued effort to keep guests and staff safe. We look forward to safely welcoming the return of more and more guests.

What you see in Japan in April

Entrance Ceremonies & Welcome Parties

Entering school or the business world is a big event in Japan. As the calendar year starts in April, we see many 1st graders and Freshman in school, and Freshers or Rookies in companies all around. Sometimes they are quite noticeable in crowds, probably because of their uniforms or newly prepared, often oversized, suits! But some of them may also be on the way to attend special ceremonies.

Almost all schools in Japan conduct Nyuugaku-shiki or school entrance ceremonies in early April. Also, many corporations, especially large corporations, conduct Nyuusha-shiki on April 1st or in early April.

Contents of these entrance ceremonies are similar to those of graduation ceremonies.  Many greetings and speeches take place, but no diplomas are given out, of course.

Following the ceremonies, welcome parties take place all over Japan. Early April is also the time for cherry blossom season in Japan. It is popular to have a picnic-like party under cherry trees with full blossom. This is called Ohanami or cherry-blossom viewing. Many companies conduct Ohanami as a welcome party for Freshers or Rookies.

In Japan, as well as in the U.S., spring is a time for new beginnings. We wholeheartedly welcome spring 2021!

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