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Spring signifies a clean slate after a long winter and a renewal of life. We’re welcoming in this new season with fresh Madai, a premium dry sake with fruity aromas, and three well-known events that have always signified spring in Japan, including one that draws travelers from across the globe.


Seasonal Fish

Madai (True Seabream) – Depending on the region in Japan, Madai, also known as true snapper or true seabream, has different names: Oodai or Hondai. It’s prized for its mild white meat and is served during festive occasions, such as weddings. While it is mostly human-raised, we source our wild Madai off the shores of Nagasaki, where it is abundant. Our sushi chefs thinly slice it and serve it sashimi-style for pure enjoyment.

Madai (True Seabream)

Madai Image

Seasonal Sake

Kikusui Sake ImageKikusui (Junmai Ginjo) – This is a sake that enhances any dish you eat! A great alternative to white wine, the light and refreshing premium sake brings aromas of fresh cantaloupe, banana and Mandarin orange overtones. It has just the right amount of body and comfortable dryness to pair well with any dish, hot or cold. We invite sake connoisseurs and beginners alike to enjoy this for a limited time.


Cultural Events in Japan

Cherry Blossom Viewing – No other place in the world is more well-known for cherry blossoms than Japan. The beautiful, pink, flowering buds, or sakura, first bloom in southern Japan and the season continues north. The appreciation of cherry blossom viewing, or hanami, is rooted in Japanese culture’s appreciation of simple pleasures and the beauty of nature. Hanami offers the opportunity to welcome in spring, and because of it’s short season, is a highly treasured pastime for locals and travelers alike. Here in Seattle, hanami can be enjoyed all around, but is especially beautiful on the University of Washington campus.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Image

Entrance Ceremony – Across Japan, spring means the start of a new school year! In April, principals welcome students during the Entrance Ceremony and invite them to think about the upcoming year and how they would like to perform and live life. It’s a rite of passage in Japan and one that any person who has attended school in Japan will remember dearly.

Entrance Ceremony

Entrance Ceremony Image

Senior High School Baseball Tournament – Americans love football. Europeans are crazy for soccer. In Japan, the sport of choice is easily baseball, both professional and amateur! Every April the high school baseball season culminates in the largest baseball tournament in Japan – Spring Koshien. It is rooted in a deep history with the first tournament dating back to 1924.

Senior High School Baseball Tournament

High School Baseball Game Image

Instagram Contest

Our Instagram contest is heating up and we are quickly approaching the conclusion! You still have the chance to win two premium spots at our sushi bar for any night of your choosing. To enter, snap a picture of your meal the next time you visit Shiro’s, then share it under the #shirossushi on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. A winner will be announced soon!


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