What do you see in March in Japan?

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– March 1, 2021 –

The school year in Japan begins in April and ends in March. Yes, March is the time for graduation. Many schools conduct their graduation ceremonies in the latter half of March, which means that in some parts of Japan graduation occurs during cherry blossom season. It makes a wonderful, scenic picture of a graduation ceremony with full cherry blossoms in the background; a keepsake of bitter-sweet memories of school life.

If a school has uniforms, students wear those uniform for the last time in their life. If not, students dress how they like. Many university students choose to wear Hakama, a traditional Japanese kimono, with trousers. Although graduation scenes are different in Japan and the U.S., different, mixed feelings of completion, achievement, satisfaction, and sorrow for separation are all consistent, regardless of which side of the Pacific Ocean graduation takes place.

We offer a congratulations to all graduating students in Japan!