Sushi Combos To-Go

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– April 1, 2020 –

Order our sushi combos to-go! Chef Kinomoto is preparing five different kinds of sushi combos for takeout: salmon, tuna, albacore tuna, scallop and black cod. Each combo (except black cod) consists of five pieces of nigiri and six pieces of sushi rolls, plus our signature ‘tamago’ egg omelet. Our black cod combo comes with two generous pieces of our famous miso-marinated broiled black cod, six pieces of albacore and avocado sushi rolls, garlic-sautéed Brussels sprouts and our signature tamago.

For these combos, the albacore tuna and black cod are locally harvested. The sockeye salmon is wild and locally harvested as well. We chose to use scallops from Hokkaido, Japan because they’re the best scallops in terms of the size, texture and taste.

‘Takuan’ (radish pickles) are added to our sushi rolls in the salmon combo, tuna combo and albacore tuna combo to bring out a beautiful structure and flavor to the rolls. View the full to-go menu and place your order for lunch or dinner by calling 206.443.9844.