Seasonal Sake – Sotenden

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– July 02, 2020 –

Sotenden is brewed by Otokoyama Honten of Kesennuma in the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan. “Soten” means “deep but clear blue sky.” Sotenden was created as a sake with a delicate flavor that complements the delicious seafood of Kesennuma (one of the most popular fish ports in Japan.) Sotenden captures the flavors of local nature and climate, offering a refreshing aftertaste and a clean scent. The taste is reminiscent of the beauty of the blue sky and sea in the local port town of Kesennuma. Among the bountiful fish from the Kesenuma Port, katsuo (skipjack) is the most popular. Sotenden pairs well with katsuo as well as sawara (Spanish mackerel) and maguro (tuna). Try it on our dine-in menu while enjoying your sushi dinner or take it as a bottle to-go!