Sake + Wine To-Go

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– April 1, 2020 –

We’re now offering bottled sake and wine to-go to pair with your sushi! When you place your order, please ask us what’s currently in-stock. We’ve prepared a few suggested pairings for you that complement our new to-go menu.

Kokuryu Tokusen Crystal Dragon sake is an excellent choice to pair with your sushi as it pairs well with the flavors of raw fish. It’s clean, dry and well-balanced with hints of honey and tea. Perfect for any of our new sushi combos!

Dewazakura Oka is a fruity yet crisp sake. In general, sushi is paired with dry alcohol, but nowadays sushi has much more variety than raw fish and therefore can be paired with more complex alcohol flavors, rather than just dry. This fruity sake pairs well with our chirashi sushi bowl, which contains a mixture of raw and cooked ingredients.

When it comes to wine pairing, we recommend Sauvignon Blanc to pair with sushi as it’s the perfect balance of dryness and sweetness. Our Babich Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand offers well-balanced acidity with subtle fruitiness. This makes Babich a great pairing with our sushi combos as well as our chirashi bowl. Place your food and beverage order by calling us at 206.443.9844.