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– Dec 1, 2020 –

Nishiyama Brewery (Hyogo, Japan)
Established in 1849, Nishiyama Brewery is in its 6th generation and the sake-making tradition has been passed down from generation to generation for over 170 years.

Most of the sake is made from rice grown by local farmers however, in their estate paddies, a rare variety of rice called Hyogo-Kitanishiki is cultivated in small quantities by the brewers themselves.

The pure soft water used for sake brewing is pumped from an on-site well that is replenished by the Takeda River, which flows through Tamba City.

The purity of the groundwater is the basis for Kotsuzumi Hanafubuki. It provides a gentle and smooth taste like a delightful floral bouquet with a touch of apple.