New Sake Stories at Shiro’s

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– March 1, 2021 –

When we re-opened our dining room last month, we introduced small bottle sake, which hold 300 ml (10.14 oz). While Japan officially adopted the metric system in 1891, there is also a traditional measurement system called Shakkan-hou, and many sake bottles are referred to as “go.” 1 go is about 180 ml. (or 6 oz.). In fact, a small Tokkuri, or sake decanters, is 1 go.

Although 2 go is technically 360ml (12 oz), a 300 ml bottle, like we now serve at Shiro’s, is often called a 2 go bottle. At Shiro’s, we simply call them small bottles, ideal for one person, or the larger 10 oz bottle that is meant for two people.

Currently, we are serving the following small sake bottles (10oz or
12oz) in our dining room and on our takeout menu (in addition to others of various sizes online).

Shirakabe Gura Tosuken Junmai (10oz)
Suigei Tokusen Junmai (10oz)
Kubota Junmai Daiginjo (10oz)
Hakkaisan Sparking Nigori (12oz)