Fresh Catch – “Aji” Horse Mackerel

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– June 03, 2020 –

Aji (Japanese Horse Mackerel) is one of the most popular fish in Japan and very popular in Edomae-style sushi! Aji is available throughout the year, but it’s best in early summer. It’s smaller than other mackerel and has a lighter flavor, offering a well-balanced taste and texture as it’s fatty yet crisp! It can be enjoyed in many ways like sashimi, cut-open and sun-dried, grilled or deep-fried. In true Edomae fashion, we serve our aji as nigiri with grated ginger and chopped green onions to bring out the fresh flavor of the fish. Aji is not currently on our to-go menu, but we hope to bring peak-season aji to your table as soon as possible!