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It’s been quite a year of transition, flexibility, and growth for all of us. While this month is an important one, we also take time to enjoy the smaller things in life, where the biggest decision is “What’s for dinner?” Let us help answer that question with our seasonal fish, sake, special promotions, and more through dine-in, delivery, or takeout. Be together, in whatever way that looks like for you and your family.



Fish in Season – Saba (Mackerel)

Saba is a fish that has been popular in Japan for a long time, and recent research has revealed that it is rich in good cholesterol, such as Omega-3. Whether your preference is nigiri, sashimi, or grilled, we invite you to enjoy how we prepare Saba at Shiro’s!

Saba (Mackerel)

Sake For November – Dewazakura Yuki-Manman

This sake is the flagship item of Dewazakura Brewery and is considered a “Phantom” sake for its small production. Read on and get your hands on this well-balanced sake now, before it disappears.

Dewazakura Yuki-Manman

Japanese Culture – Shichi-go-san

There are many events in Japan to honor the growth of children, and Shichi-go-san is one of them. Shichi-go-san means 7, 5, 3 and celebrates the growth of children at the ages of 3, 5, and 7. Girls and boys are celebrated at 3 years old, boys at 5 years old, and girls at 7 years old, but in some parts of Japan only girls are celebrated at the age of 3. Find out more about how each age is celebrated.


Seattle Restaurant Week

From now through November 21, Shiro’s is part of an area-wide dining celebration – Seattle Restaurant Week! Along with many other restaurants, we are offering a special takeout menu for both lunch and dinner. Our lunch offering ($20), includes Sukeroku, which is a combination of fat rolls and Inari sushi, and nigiri sushi combo. For dinner ($35), we feature our special premium sushi combos, which change based on our chef’s selection and which fish is best each day. Dine out this month and support local restaurants! Order lunch or dinner online for takeout only.


Special Premium Sushi Combos

Meet Our Chef

This month features one of kitchen chefs that has worked his way from dishwasher to the young Tempura master at Shiro’s! Meet Chef Francisco “Morales” Xante.

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