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Summer brings a lot that we are excited about at Shiro’s! From some of the freshest, delectable seasonal fish from Toyosu Market, to our popular Summer Sushi Platter, a special sake brewed from the “King of Sake rice,” and last but certainly not least, MLB All-Star Week! We are looking forward to serving our guests from Seattle, and those traveling here from around the world to catch the best players in baseball!

Where do our fish come from?
Toyosu Market

We source the best fish from local waters, and even pockets around the world, but most of our fish comes straight from Japan! There are several places to buy fish in Japan, but we select a great deal of our fish from the largest wholesale fish market in the world, Toyosu Market. Replacing the world-renowned Tsukiji Fish Market in 2018, Toyosu Market gathers fish from around Japan, and distributes all over the world. Our team frequently visits Toyosu, and just last month two of our chefs were on-site to strengthen relationships with our important fish purveyors. We recognize and fully appreciate that they work tirelessly to send the very best fish available in the market. Without them, our chefs wouldn’t have the premium fish to present to you!

Under a well-managed global supply chain, fish from Toyosu Market is shipped via air, and we receive fish no later than many of the restaurants located in Japan. Because of this, we are able to offer fish with summer consistent delicacy, such as Hamo, Kisu, and Hagatsuo at our Sushi Bar!

Hello Chef!

Chef Masaki is the head of Shiro’s Culinary section as well as managing the entire restaurant. His diverse experience with many cuisines and across many locations around the world presents a special talent and creates his unmatched skills. One opportunity to experience Masaki’s superb talent is our special sushi platters that we offer Mother’s Day, New Year’s Day, even our Summer Platter, and so on. Non-sushi menus at our sushi bar that provide many variations throughout the seasons are another creation of Masaki. Needless to say, the great selection of our fish and the delicious ways to present as sushi are his top responsibilities at Shiro’s.

Sake in July

Konteki “Pearls of Simplicity” Junmai Daiginjo
Higashiyama Brewery, Kyoto, Japan

Konteki Junmai Daiginjo, which is our Sake of this month, is made from Yamadanishiki (a kind of Sake rice). It is a very famous Sake rice and so good for brewing Sake that it’s called “King of Sake rice.” 100% of the Yamadanishiki used for Konteki is grown organically by Tanaka Farm in Tottori prefecture.

Fushimi, located in Higashiyama brewery, is a famous area for brewing Sake because of its beautiful spring water, Fushimizu, selected as one of Japan’s 100 remarkable waters. Fushimizu is medium-hard water with a balance of potassium and calcium, which gives way to the soft texture of Konteki.

Konteki is a dry Sake with rich rice Umami and minerality, producing a clean finish that complements well-flavored foods, including sushi and sashimi. This also means it pairs well with summer fish, such as Tachiuo, that we are mainly serving in Omakase at the Sushi Bar, but you’ll occasionally find it in our dining course, too. Isaki, featured in last month’s newsletter, is another great pairing for Konteki!

What’s Happening in Seattle this July?

We are proud to see that the Seattle Mariners will host the 93rd MLB All-Star Game at Seattle’s own T-Mobile Park on July 11. It has been more than 20 years since the MLB “Midsummer Classic” has been in Seattle, bringing the best ball players of the American League and National League to our amazing city!

The All-Star game itself is on July 11, but festivities take place all week long, beginning July 7. Catch the Celebrity Softball Game, always anticipated Home Run Derby, Futures Game, 2023 MLB Draft, and many former Mariner stars blended with baseball, softball, music, food and fun at the Play Ball Park, and much more!

The following is a quick schedule for All Star Week.

July 7 HBCU Swingman Classic
July 8 MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game, SiriusXM All-Star Futures Games
July 9 MLB Draft
July 10 Gatorade All-Star Workout Day, T-Mobile Home Run Derby
July 11 All-Star Game