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New in February 2017

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The days are getting longer, giving us hope that this year an early spring will greet us. In the meantime, we have a few specials to brighten up your palate such as, Sayori, Namako and a multi-layered and complex sake.

Seasonal Fish

Sayori (Needle Fish / Halfbeak) – Different from American or regular halfbeak, the color is transparent to white and it is a great fish to try if you’re just beginning to eat sushi. Mainly caught between winter and summer, our Sayori comes from the shores of Mie, Hyogo, Hiroshima and Wakayama prefectures in Japan. Its texture is soft with a mild, delicate flavor that is very delightful on the palate and especially enjoyable with a touch of ponzu or soy sauce.

Sayori (Needle Fish / Halfbeak)

Sayori Image

Namako (Sea Cucumber) – This is a well known delicacy in Chinese cooking that is enjoyed immensely in Japan. We serve it in Sanbaizu, a mixture of rice vinegar, soy sauce and mirin. Its distinctive crunchy texture is addictive. Try it once and you will love it!.

Namako (Sea Cucumber)

Namako Image


Seasonal Sake

Kokuryu Sake ImageKokuryu Tokusen – Brewed in Fukui Prefecture, this sake is made from soft water, which tends to pick up subtle flavor nuances that at the Ginjo-level, are multi-layered and complex. The water is pulled from a subterranean water source that is famed since ancient times for its delicate taste. While Kokuryu labels resound with deep flavor, what makes them unique is their overall finesse and their ability to bring rich flavor and delicate balance together, in an expression of the sake-master’s art.


Happy Valentine’s Day

We have created Peach Obsession specialty craft cocktail and will be offering it February 7-14. We invite you and your date to swoon over Champagne mixed with peach puree and garnished with fresh raspberries!

Peach Obsession

Peach Obsession Image


Ushering in Spring with Tradition

Setsubun: An annual event that took place on February 3 this year, celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. We celebrate it with a ritual called Mamemaki, where we scatter roasted soy beans and call out, “Fuku wa uchi! Oniwa soto!” – “good luck in, demon out.”. We also eat a large sushi roll called “Eho-Maki”. It’s filled with seven different ingredients to represent the seven Gods of happiness. To ensure that no happiness slips through, we don’t slice the roll but instead, bite into the whole roll . . . with a smile on our face!


Setsubun Image


We’re on Instagram !

To celebrate launching our Instagram page, we’re giving away two highly-coveted, premium seats at our sushi bar. The winner and a guest will get to dine at the sushi bar on any day of their choosing! To enter, tag your best sushi pics the next time you’re in with #shirossushi on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. A winner will be announced in a few weeks!


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