Seasonal Sake – Miyasaka (みやさか)

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– May 1, 2020 –

Treat mom to a sushi lunch or dinner with a bottle of Miyasaka Yawaraka Junmai. For a lower alcohol sake (12%) there are loads of flavors to unearth, such as honeydew, Asian pear, young peach and plum, and hints of citrus. The thin texture and juicy flavor are both elegant and light, with a tip-of-the-tongue sweetness.

Miyasaka’s unmatched balance of acidity and smoothness make it a good choice for those who are drinking sake for the first time, as well as seasoned sake veterans!

At $58, this is the most affordable sake bottle at Shiro’s, and it pairs perfectly with our takeout sushi combos! Reserve your bottle by calling (206) 443-9844.