MEET SUSHI CHEF – Francisco “Morales” Xante

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– Nov 1, 2020 –

Chef Morales started his career at Shiro’s in 2014 as a dishwasher, but it didn’t take long for him to develop his culinary talent. He is now a cornerstone of the kitchen team and a member of our indispensable restaurant team.

His aesthetic sense and delicacy are fully demonstrated in the dishes he cooks, especially Tempura, which he learned to cook directly from the Seattle Tempura master. Tempura itself, and Chef Morales especially, is very popular because of its beautiful and delicious batter, perfect in color and texture. Morales’ fried Tempura is a hidden signature item at Shiro’s, and we have received many repeat orders not only for dining-in but also for takeout and delivery. Check out Morales’ Tempura today!