Chef Aaron Pate Represents Seattle in Kyoto, Japan

March 11, 2015


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We’re really proud of Shiro’s Chef, Aaron Pate, who recently coAaron Pate in Kyoto _1mpeted in Kyoto, Japan for the World Washoku Challenge 2015. This annual, global event showcases individuals of non-Japanese nationality, who work in Japanese restaurants around the world.  Aaron competed in Seattle for the preliminaries and then went on to represent the U.S. at the end of January in Japan.

Twelve, non-Japanese chefs from across the world from countries including: Thailand, Pakistan, Mexico, Italy and South Korea competed for the gold medal. Aaron’s dish, Tonyu-ShabuShabu was a hotpot of Seattle’s finest seafood cooked in a soy milk-based stock and finihed with raw sea urchin wrapped in fresh soy milk skin. While he definitely put out a fantastic dish, the competition was won by Jaran Deephuak from Thailand, who swept the gold prize with his Tilefish steamed with satoimo eddoes and soba.

Thank you Aaron for making us so proud!