Jun Takai - "Jun" Chef

Leading the sushi chefs, Jun brings his deft knife skills and a trained eye for spotting quality fish to Shiro’s, having worked in Kyoto, Japan’s fish market for three years. From 2000-2006, Jun worked at Shozen sushi in San Diego, then returned to Japan for 5 years. He joined Shiro’s Sushi Restaurant in 2012.

Eiichi Sato - “Joe” Chef

Chef "Joe" Sato was born and raised in Tokyo. He started his career as a cook in Japan and acquired all necessary skills to be an authentic Japanese Cuisine chef in traditional and sushi restaurants before moving to Canada. He has managed the Japanese Culinary division of the Pan Pacific Hotel as a head chef in Vancouver, BC. Chef Sato then moved to the US in 2006, refined his sushi making skills, worked as a GM/Executive Sushi Chef at I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue for nearly a decade long.

Jun Kobayashi - "Tsuyoshi" Chef

Born in Japan and raised near the ocean, Tsuyoshi loves everything about fish- catching, cooking, preparing and eating it! After high school, Tsuyoshi worked as a part-time sushi assistant. In 1998, he came to Olympia, Washington to attend the Capitol City Tennis & Athletic Center, where he remained for two years. Following his tennis training, he went to work for renowned Maneki restaurant in Seattle’s International District where he worked until 2013. Chef Tsuyoshi joined Shiro’s in January 2014.

Aaron Pate - "Aaron" Chef

The American addition to the team, Aaron is from Hawaii and started making sushi in 1996 at San Sei in Maui where he remained for 13 years. From 2009-2011, he lived in Japan and worked at Nishi-Azabu Gonpachi in Tokyo. He returned to Seattle in 2011 where he worked for Seattle restaurants Kisaku, Marinepolis Sushi Land, and Nishino. He joined Shiro’s as a chef in May of 2014.

Tatsuya Nakawake – “Tiger” Manager

Born in Japan, Tiger was educated at UCLA and received a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management in 1994. Staying in Southern California, Tiger started as a server and worked his way to manager and general manager positions at renowned restaurants including: Matsuhisa Restaurant, Sushi Roku, Katana, Boa and most recently, for the Katsuya Group.