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Travel Channel

3-9-2016: Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations with Andrew Zimmern stopped by to chat with Chef Jun and Chef Aaron


3-6-2016: The 15 Best Places for Tuna in Belltown, Seattle


2-16-2016: 4 Winter Ingredients Seattle Chefs Are Loving Right Now – “Akamutsu” (Black Throat Sea Perch) – one of Chef Jun’s favorites!


7-29-2015: 240 Super-Fresh Sushi Spots Across the Continent

Seattle Magazine

6-18-2015: The Best Sushi Restaurants in Seattle – The raw truth about Seattle’s best sushi bars

Seattle Times

5-26-2015: Seattle’s best restaurants ? Classics revisited

Seattle Weekly

4-7-2015: Shiro’s New Chef, Jun Takai, Is Focusing on Traditional Sushi Culture
Jun & Aaron

Inside Scoop SF

1-30-2015: Washoku World Challenge: Our Sushi Chef Aaron went to Kyoto to compete to master traditional Japanese cuisine
Aaron at Washoku Challenge
About Washoku World Challenge 2015 >>> Click HERE

TasteMade.Com – VIDEO

1-22-2015: Shiro’s serves my favorite #sushi in town and it was a delight to watch them break down this 225 lb half tuna from Spain
1-22-2015: Sushi Bar With Chef Jun


1-14-2015: A lively ambience and food that commands your undivided attention distinguish this Belltown sushi bar

Elite Traveler

12-24-2014: Best Restaurants In Seattle


12-15-2014: Seattle top chef throwdown sends winner to Washoku World Challenge

The Seattle Times

10-30-2014: How does Seattle’s most talked-about sushi spot hold up ?


10-17-2014: Shiro’s, celebrating 20 years


10-10-2014: Skip the Seattle rolls and embrace sushi’s traditions


10-6-2014: Introducing Shiro’s New Guard


10-4-2014: Worth a Visit: Shiro’s Sushi Carries on Without Shiro


10-3-2014: Meet the New Hotshot Squad at Shiro’s


10-2-2014: A Changing of the Guard at Shiro’s Sushi in Belltown


10-1-2014: Meet the new team at Shiro’s

The Vancouver Sun

8-16-2014: The amazing Shiro’s Sushi in Seattle