New in October 2016

October 18, 2016

Matsutake Image

Fall is turning and with that comes some of our most popular sushi, high demand sake, and fundraising events that make us proud to be part of the community.

Our Fish

Ankimo (Monkfish Pate – sea foie gras) – A widely popular Japanese dish, the fish’s liver is first rubbed with salt, then rinsed with sake, deveined and rolled into a cylinder to steam. Served with momiji-oroshi (grated daikon radish spiced with red pepper), thinly sliced scallions and ponzu sauce.


Ankimo Image

Buri (Yellowtail) – Many fish are given different names throughout life, Buri being a larger version of the highly-desired Hamachi. Over 80 cm, Buri is one of the most treasured fish in Japan, regarded for its different texture and taste. The wild Buri with Chef Jun, has a milder, but rich flavor compared to the farmed version.

Buri (Yellowtail)

Buri Image

Kawahagi (Triggerfish)Kawahagi ImageSlightly sweet with an enjoyable “springy” texture, we cook the liver of the fish with soy sauce and sugar, served alongside the fish for a creamy texture that has become a favorite of guests.

Seasonal Sake

Ken Daiginjo Sake ImageKen (Daiginjo) – You asked and we answered! Due to popular demand we have brought back Suehiro Ken Daiginjo. Dryer, but well-balanced, clean and elegant, with hints of minerals, ginger and fruit-filled aromas. Take full advantage of pairing this with salty and spicy foods!


We recently took part in the Seattle Hope Gala, a benefit event for American Cancer Society. Our Benizake (sockeye salmon) and Smoked Benizake Sushi were hits at the event, which raised an impressive $380,000 for cancer research and patient programs.

Shiro’s Sushi @ Seattle Hope Gala

Seattle Hope Gala Image

Staff Meal

Many of our guests have told us they enjoy seeing what our kitchen cooks up in “off hours.” We were recently treated to Beef Yanagawafuu – Beef and burdock roots cooked with eggs. Creamy, delicious, comfort food!

“Beef Yanagawa-fuu” for Staff Meal!

Beef Yanagawa-fuu Image

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